Savoy Grill at The Savoy, Gordon Ramsay

The epitome of what fine dining is, Savoy Grill
The epitome of what fine dining is, Savoy Grill

History and background:

Savoy Hotel is one of the most iconic hotels globally, with a traditional 20’s British theme. There is a very, quintessentially British feel that lingers over the Savoy Grill.

“The Savoy Grill is dripping with history; from old Hollywood starlets to celebrated political figures it has always been the place to see and be seen. Amongst the glitterati who frequently dined at the Savoy Grill was Sir Winston Churchill, Oscar Wilde, Charlie Chaplin, Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe. To this day, the table plan has been carefully preserved ensuring this history is not lost.”

Hanging from the ceiling are Art Deco inspired Swarovski chandeliers. Lucite walls lined with antique mirrors and luxurious mohair velvet coverings  which bring a new level of elegance to the room whilst at the same time restoring it to its former glory. 

The meal: 

Scottish lobster bisque with poached lobster and brandy butter £16.00

The lobster bisque was good. It had the taste and although strong in flavour, it wasn’t fishy. Worth trying.

Steak tartare £15.00

This was Chris’ dish, looks tasty no?

Confit Herdwick lamb shoulder with crushed potatoes and black olive jus £26.00

I would say the best dish of the night, I didn’t have much of it since it was Louise’s main, but it wasn’t dry. That’s a very good sign. I hate dry meat.

Roasted Orkney scallops with English peas and saffron velouté £26.00

Dan and Mel ordered this, I did not try this, but it looks like it would just…melt in your mouth.

Below is my dish, the Calf’s liver. It was okay, I’m not a big fan of liver, so I’m not sure why I ordered it…

Calf’s liver £26.00

We also had side dishes, these were:

Mashed potatoes £4.50, Creamed or sautéed spinach £4.50, Cauliflower cheese gratin £4.50, Sautéed mushrooms with shallots £4.00

I loved the side dishes. Loved them. (Probably because I love cheese and mushroom. I eat them with anything)

Service: Top notch. At these places waiters can be over friendly or too in your face when you just want to talk to your friends, but at Savoy it was just right. 12.5% service charge + £2.00 cover charge per head

Bits and bobs:

  • There is cloakroom service.
  • Bookings strongly recommended, via toptable, bookatable or through its own website.
  • A good place for celebrity spotting!

Price: £££

Louise and Dan (eyeing up her food)
Melanie and Chris (who is also not looking into the camera)

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Square Meal


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