Grace, one of my frequent eating partners

History and Background:

Onthebab is a trendy, chic restaurant situated between Old Street station and Shoreditch. Opened in late 2013, the restaurant made headlines for its quirky interior and menu style.

Chicken, beer and traditional Korean street food.  

The meal: 

Having been here on a few occasions, I tried something different than what I usually have. Below is the Kimchi bokeumbab, this is Korean style kimchi bacon paella with a fried free range egg on top.

Presentation is quite simple. Different to the bokeumbaps that I had in Korea, but nevertheless it was a good dish. They give you a very, very, generous portion of salad, and small amount of rice… but a dish with egg makes everything better!

Kimchi Bokeum Bab £8.50

Grace had the bibimbap, this is normally my usual, and it’s one of my favourite dishes. Please check out the #yolkporn.

Bibimbap £7.50 (with meat, an extra £1.00)

Again, I feel that Onthebab gives you a very large amount of veg… compared to the rice/ meat. But it is a very filling main.

Kimchi Jigae £7.00

Grace ordered the Kimchi jigae, very flavourful. This is kimchi & tofu stew in pork stock.

On the buns (2pcs) £6.50

Honestly, I was so full from my main, I really struggled to finish this! But this is my absolute favourite! Very juicy, succulent and meaty. *dribbling*

For this hirata bun, I opted for spicy pork, Grace was so full she didn’t even have any, and I ended up eating both… BOTH.

Service: tends to be slow, but I wouldn’t say it’s due to lack of staff, they have enough, but it’s slow. Service charge is 10%

Bits and bobs:

  • No reservations. (Expect queues)
  • No place for your coats, small tables, but it’s cosy.
  • They do takeaways!
  • I would also recommend trying the fried chicken. Try it, honestly.

Price: £

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