Ten Ten Tei

Come to Ten Ten Tei for a true sushi dining experience.

History and background:

Ten Ten Tei, the small and ancient looking exterior can easily be overlooked on the bustling streets of Soho. Situated on Brewer Street, a road lined with Japanese and Asian cuisines, diners tend to opt for the more popular Kulu Kulu or Mr Taro.

Nevertheless, Ten Ten Tei attracts its fair share of customers, young and old alike, who are in the know-how about authentic, Japanese food.

Upon arrival, I was met by a waitress bringing me to the forefront of the restaurant, met by a small row of tables accompanied by bar style seating, my first instinct was how small this place was. I was soon ushered into the lower ground floor to a more cosy interior, peaceful, with a feel of subtle elegance to it.

The meal:

Una-don £10.80

This is so frustrating since I was having battery problems  with my Sony Nex-5r and thus food photos were taken from my Samsung Note 3 instead. *cries* (really, I cried.)

Una-don, i.e. Unagi don, (eel) was what I ordered. It was good, you can really taste the soft texture alongside the barbequed smell of the eel. But to be honest, you can’t really go wrong with unagi dishes.

Plain presentation, and abundant amount of rice serving with it. I made the fatal mistake of eating most of the rice… and getting full on that before I properly started on the other dishes…

Super Deluxe Sushi set £19.80

This is a main itself really, but Daisy and I ordered the Super Deluxe Sushi set to share, 15 pieces of assorted super nigiri sushi.

I am not a big fan of raw fish – sashimi style, but I love raw fish in nigiri style. This was a beaut.

Makunouchi Bento £13.80

Daisy had the Makunouchi Bento (top of the photo – sorry I didn’t quite get one of her bento..). It is a mixed Japanese foods bento box with vegetable, rice, mis0-soup. No ice cream with this one, but the other Set Dinners will give you that as an extra. She said this was quite average. It looked like it too. (Salmon sashimi looked good though.)

Service: It wasn’t great. We arrived at 8.30 pm, and the restaurant closes at 10 pm, we got a warning to leave soon at 10.05 pm. We were almost finished, but trying to hurry us out just after closing time doesn’t give diners a great impression. There was 10% service charge.

Bits and Bobs:

  • Opening hours are 12pm-2.30pm, and 6-10pm, not open for very long.. and I’m not sure how accurate this is, since I went on a Monday evening before and they were closed.

Price: ££

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