21 Covent Garden

21 Covent Garden, a place perfect for get-togethers!

History and background:

You can’t really find a more centrally located restaurant in Covent Garden than this. In the historic cellar vaults of a Georgian heritage site, is 21 Covent Garden, a restaurant which offers tasty, authentic, mouth-dribbling Italian food.

Down the stairs and to the basement is where you would find private vaults ideal for gatherings and group dinners, accompanied by loud background music to liven up the already intimate and cosy atmosphere.

A 3 story building, with a terrace and a courtyard, means plenty to explore in this little corner of the Covent Garden Piazza.

They do good deals here for parties and dates, with ample of choices to choose from, the menu can be limited to a 2 course, or a 3 course. Or of course, the A La Carte.

The meal:

We came here for OT’s birthday meal, with roughly 10 of us, it made us a party booking. hich ultimately gave us more to choose from, out of the set menu selection. The prices (if any) are A la Carte prices.

Wild Boar Tortelloni Pancetta £6.00

This wasn’t my starter, but it sure looked good. Seems a bit creamy, tortelloni is accompanied with green beans & sage cream.

Crostini Selection £5.45

Fia and a few others had this. Vine plum tomato & basil, goat’s cheese and parma ham with caramelised fig, smoked salmon & horseradish cream.

A highly recommended starter
Fried baby squid, spring onion & saffron aioli £6.25

I loved this. Crispy but chewy enough to really feel the texture of the squid, the complementing creamy sauce that came with it was a good addition.

Arancini  £4.25

I had this for my starter, it had a chewy, cheesey, potato-ey texture to it with a crispy coating. Use of sage cream in this too.

Wild Mushroom Ravioli  £14.25

A lot of you know how much I love mushroom. Can I just repeat that again? I love mushroom. Of course I went for the Wild Mushroom Ravioli, it was cheesy but I would definitely order it again. I wasn’t in much of a cheesy mood after the starter – so try not to order to much cheese in your meal… Lambrusco cream, parsley & pecorino in the ravioli.

Salmon cooked in a paper bag £15.25

Salmon alongside baby leeks, garlic, rosemary, new potatoes and tender stem broccoli. A lot of people opted for this, and actually quite a few people weren’t very impressed with it. To put it straight, its literally just salmon in a paper bag. Something you can do in your own oven. Didn’t look that impressive either. Potatoes looked average and normal. Overall, I would say it lacked the wow factor, and certainly lacks the visual factor. No X factor material here…

Quarter corn fed chicken cacciatore, aubergines, carrots, thyme tomato gravy and focaccia

This will not be in your usual 2 set or 3 set menu, in fact I couldn’t even see it on the A la Carte, definitely on the party menu. Looks very filling, and I don’t think my friends finished it either, but no complaints about this one.

Spaghetti and chicken meatballs £13.95

Only Wendy had this, and oh boy was she not happy with it. She was not satisfied with this at all, and to be honest, doesn’t look very impressive either. I think these were chicken meat balls but she actually ordered the beef or pork instead. The sauce was too creamy, and bland. Not good.

Profiteroles with chocolate sauce & sweet mascarpone

One can never finish a meal without having desserts! Profiteroles.

Wild berry & apple crumble with mascarpone

This was my dessert. I love all types of crumble and yes the crumble was good, but the wild berry really masked the flavour of the apple. It was so sour I struggled to finish the filling. I just ate the crumble bits.

Service: Slow. I think given that it was a Friday night, and we were a big group, I’ll let it go. 12.5% service charge.

Bits and bobs:

  • No signal, underground. My favourite tennis player was on, I was almost crying.
  • Good for dates, but can be loud given the background music
  • Rooftop bar and terrace

Price: ££

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