Snowflake Gelato

No slowing down for Snowflake as cold winds embrace London for another winter

History and background:

*Winner of Great Taste Awards 2013 & 2014

Snowflake Gelato opened their Soho counterpart in September 2013. Its opening had an influx of visitors, with consumers eager to get their taste buds on the new trendy dessert counter in town. Snowflake really accentuates the fact that it is authentic, using only the freshest of ingredients.

organic Jersey milk from the happiest cows in Somerset, organic cream and sugar

An attempt to visit this place was last week, and I could barely even get to the counter. Always crowded at peak times where diners seek to go after a nice meal, you would struggle to find a seat unless you wait, a long time.

There are no prices in this post, since I did not note any down, but they would come at around £8-£15. You can’t find prices online yet but it is expensive.

The meal: (Or post-meal rather)

Nutty Snowdrift

“Sicilian pistachio, Piedmont hazelnut and Avola almond gelato alongside all three nuts in their natural state, topped with a glazed caramel sauce and served in a fresh waffle cone.”

I loved the gelatos, hazulnut and pistachio are one of my favourite gelato flavours, the combination gives you such a nutty sensation. With Snowflake they really do give you the visual appeal, perfect for instagrammers… but really, its just a cone and 2 scoops of gelato right? Worth £8.90? (You decide.)

Knickerbocker Glory

Boris had this, described on the website as madagascan vanilla, strawberry and chocolate gelato, fresh strawberries, shaved chocolate and strawberry coulis – fresh organic whipped cream optional.

Sorry, too lazy to put it in words myself. I didn’t really try this but I felt like the gelato tasted of artificial flavouring.


I didn’t like this much, it was pretty much soda with a gelato inside, and I didn’t like the gelato, it tasted fake (?!) A snowfloat on the website is put in as made with luxury gelato or sorbetto and crushed ice. From the traditional Coke Snowfloat to a strawberries and cream Snowfloat.

Luxury Maple

Louise had this, its very pretty indeed, and I think she liked it. I find Snowflake to be very commercial, and really reigns it in with the visual appeal, so I’m not too sure on the waffles and crepes…but there’s nothing like pretty food!

Service: Its a dessert parlour, so N/A.

Bits and bobs:

  • Expect a lot of queues, don’t go at peak times
  • They have a Bayswater branch
  • Do party bookings, and for events

Prices: ££ (For dessert pricing)

Provisional prices below, emailed in by the Snowflake team:

Gelato (two scoops): £4.50
Waffles: £4.90
Sundaes: £7.90
Hot drinks: £2.80 for coffee, £3.80 for hot chocolates and pot of tea from £3.90
Milkshakes from £4.30

Snowflake Gelato on Urbanspoon

Square Meal


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  1. 未奈 says:

    i swear i had the knickerbocker glory lol. unless you went on a different day without me ha


    1. stephaniechan12 says:

      ah must have been you then…I miss Boris too much!


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