Belgo, a chain restaurant specialising in mussels and beers

History and background:

Once voted London Restaurant of the year in 1996.

5 Belgo restaurants, 5 locations. A well known Belgian chain in London, with open kitchen designs, waiters dressed up as monks and dungeon looking interiors, the Covent Gardern branch was my choice of visit that Saturday afternoon.

I tend to not like doing reviews for chain restaurants, since they’re too common… but Belgian cuisine isn’t something that I would usually go for! (Unless we talk about waffles…)


A starter course, croquettes consisting of Gruyere cheese served with Belgo beer relish. This was tasty, crunchy and tasty. Bit too cheesy for one though, so do share your food!

Classic Moules Kilo Pot

Classic: White wine, celery, garlic and onion with a shot of cream. I can’t say much about this since I only had one, but it was good. It is a maaasssive pot, so again do share your food. If you’re ever craving seafood or mussels, Belgo is the place to go for. They have 4 different types of Moules Kilo Pots.

Belgian frites

Yeah I know, I took a photo of a bowl of chips. But it was a good bowl of chips, famous at Belgo apparently. “Double cooked chips

Crisp Pork Belly

What the caption says. Creamed mash, Belgo apple sauce and buttered spinach. Too crispy. So crispy that it stuck to my teeth and it was hard to knife down, and the pork meat was too dry. (But then again… why did I go for this option? It’s not its specialty.) Mash was great, but too heavy after the croquettes.

Too much starchy foods.

Service: Slightly overstaffed, service was okay, 10% service charge. The waiters are dressed funny. They’re like in Harry Potter robes.

Bits and bobs:

  • Underground, no signal/ mobile phone service! Supposedly wifi but we couldn’t get onto that
  • Lot of seats, the seating plan is similar to a school’s dining hall. So don’t need to book really… plenty of seats.

Price: £ and 1/2?

Belgo Centraal on Urbanspoon

Square Meal


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