Matt, Toby and Athena (or rather, Athena’s hand) in eager anticipation for their meal to come

History and Background:

Newly renovated, newly opened, (July 2014), Kintan acclaims itself as London’s first yakiniku restaurant. Centrally located in High Holborn, a place bustling with City workers, you’ll find it hard to be seated during its busiest hours. With a considerably large dining area, it accommodates up to 130 seats. Kintan has actually already achieved worldwide success, the name not uncommon to most Japanese people, as its authenticity has allowed it to become the number one yakiniku restaurant chain, with restaurants all over Europe, the US, and Jakarta.

All in all, a welcomed addition to the locals, since in recent years, sushi and ramen bars have dominated and over populated the London-Japanese food scene.

The meal: [Set lunch for £17.50]

Salad and Miso soup

There are three different types of lunch set menu’s and you are given a choice out of 6-8 different meats, and you choose 2-4 depending on the set.

Pork Belly
Kalbi short rib

This is the fun part, the DIY-ing. The meat, sweetly marinated and thinly cut, topped with sesame seeds… and with the grill so hot… you can’t wait to get your hands on those tongs!

Matt and Toby makes grilling meat a work of art.
Hungry yet?

Thin slices of finely cut, high quality meat all ready to be eaten within minutes of grilling, tender and succulent.

Alongside the meat, you are given three sauces as dippers and a generous bowl of rice.

Cook it the way you want it. Grilling galore.

Service: One of the slowest customer service I have ever encountered. We were sat around the corner and away from the staff. It got to the point where I had to get out of my seat and order, or request things. Many reviewers on blogs, urbanspoon, and timeout have encountered the same problem. It is important for a restaurant to focus on customer service too, not just food.

Regardless, my colleagues and I have chosen this place for the company’s Christmas lunch this Friday, given the restaurant’s proximity to the firm. Let see if there are any improvements…

Bits and Bobs:

  • They do plenty of deals, prices can be steep, but there are also set lunches/ dinners  at £17.50-£39.95
  • They use an artificial barbeque grill, (as you can see from the photos)
  • Booking highly recommended if going in the evening. They’re not too efficient with seat allocation so do book.

Price: £££



One Comment Add yours

  1. Athena says:

    Totally agree. The food is not bad but it is so slow. I will never go there again for lunch during weekdays.


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