Dozo Soho

Rainbow roll
Rainbow Roll, utterly brilliant @ Dozo Sushi, Soho
History and Background:

Whilst there’s not much I can find online with regards to its history, Dozo Soho is the sub-branch of Dozo Sushi in Kensington. Dozo Sushi, the much more extravagant restaurant offers a wider variety on its menu – which I’ve yet to visit. (Since I’ve run out of money, I need to wait for the next payday…) As some of you may know, my visit to Dozo Soho was actually last year, and these photos have featured in my old blog. Regardless, please see below for some mouth-watering sushi.

The meal:

Salmon Temaki Hand Roll
Salmon Temaki Hand Roll £3.20, Nigiri: £4.80

Salmon & Avocado Roll, £4.00
The above hand rolls and sushi rolls were nothing special, and in fact quite ordinary. But Dozo are known for their Dozo Rolls, and that’s what makes the meal expensive (see below). Otherwise I would say that the Ramen, and Donburi mains are actually not badly priced, and in fact if you go for lunch specials, Dozo can be cheap. They have many more rolls, some are much more extravagant, the taste and visual appeal is all here. If you’re interested and have the wallet for it, visit Dozo’s website before going, and you’ll find many more stunning visuals of their rolls on the menu page.

Volcano Roll £15.80
As it says in the caption, rolls mimicking volcanoes, very saucy and can be a bit too much after a few, so do go with lots of friends! There are actually 8 pieces here. One piece stacked on top of another.

Spider Maki £13.80

Crunchy, yet soft, one of my favourites, the soft shell crab

Rainbow Maki £13.80
I’m still getting used to sashimi, but I don’t mind sashimi with rice in the form of a roll. The rainbow maki has all kinds of fish, mackerel, squid, salmon, tuna…

Stunning colours.
Service: Dozo Sushi asks for 10% service charge, and Dozo Soho asks for 15%.

Bits and bobs:

  • Recommend definitely trying one type of Dozo roll and then maybe a Donburi, or a Ramen. Bill will be less of a shock.
  • In Dozo Soho they have the traditional zashiki seats. Can be a bit of a kafuffle to get your legs into the legroom area…

Price: ££

Dozo Soho on Urbanspoon

Square Meal


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