Homeslice Pizza


History and Background:

A small post for a small restaurant that serves one of the largest, if not, the largest pizzas in London. This pizzeria is already very well known amongst the people in their low-mid twenties, serving American style pizza with wood-fired ovens, hand tossed, and homemade. A very trendy place, very pub-like, with beers and drinks accompanied with pizzas in abundance, loud music that fills the room and almost 90 minute queues to get in for a slice, this restaurant sure knows how to pull people in. Started up in the courtyard of an East London Brewery, Homeslice soon moved to Covent Garden for a more permanent setting. Opened in June 2013, situated in Neal’s Yard (Seven Dials), and only pizza is on the menu at 20 inches for £20.00. For which you can order as a whole or by slice at £4.00 per slice. Options are available for mix and match offering some very unique flavours such as bone marrow.

The meal:

Salami and cheese, and the other half mushroom

 Due to the enormity of the pizza, it can be very sloppy, but nevertheless tasted amazing, all the juices and condiments intact, savoury yet sweet. It was scrumptious. You can see just how large it is by comparing it to Kinhoe’s pint of beer. Unfortunately even with my SLR camera with me, Homeslice lighting was awful, you can’t really take any photos and I had to result in using flash from snapchat… Yes, snapchat..I would be sure to try again during the day time, where possibly there would be less of a queue… and therefore better photos!

Gigantic, colossal, humongous @ £20.00

My second visit with Daisy was also on the weekend, with 45 minute waiting time, some better photos below:

Bone Marrow and Mushroom options with Homeslice
Because one photo isn’t enough

Service: Very trendy staff, between I’d say 20-30 years of age, all very friendly and down to earth. They also start busting some moves when their favourite song comes on. They also take orders with an iPad. Modern huh?

Bits and bobs:

  • They do takeaways
  • Very long queues, and very crowded

Price: £

Homeslice on Urbanspoon

Square Meal


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