Flesh & Buns

Flesh and Buns
Gao Bao buns (or) Hirata Buns (or) Steam filled buns are the heart of the attraction here at Flesh & Buns

History and Background:

Opposite Belgo in Seven Dials, is the sister counterpart of Bone Daddies, a ‘rock and roll’ themed ramen bar. Ross Shonhan continued his interest in Japanese cuisine through Flesh & Buns, giving its own similar twist. Japanese Izakayas, (informal social dining and drinking) is the new concept undertaken by this restaurant, with the addition of Hentai manga plastered all over the washroom walls…

Located in a Covent Garden basement, it is tapas dining but Japanese fusion style. Hirata buns are its specialty, the first restaurant in London to do so. There are a mass of tables, booths, round tables, rows, a bar area, it was no trouble getting a seat for two. Desserts here are a must try, so save some stomach space for it!

The meal:

Soft Shell Crab £9.50 with Jalapeno sauce

Crispy and not oily, and the sauce was an amazing complement. Pity the customers next to us did not know how to eat this and basically ruined the dish…

Spicy tuna roll £8.80
Everything about it was perfect. A new style of sushi, crispy on the outer layer. Must have been lightly fried before serving.
Grilled Mushrooms £4.50 – with sesame butter and lemon
Crispy Piglet Belly £14.50
Bone Daddies Home Made Buns £2.00 for 2

Finally we got to the good bit, Hirata buns with Crispy Pork Belly. Can get a bit messy but very worthwhile. Word of warning, please, please do not order much before the buns… we were actually full…

Flat Iron Steak, so crispy, so tender, succulent… scrumptious… give me more words…
Japanese style burgers with sauces to complement the meat sandwiched between soft bread
Very fiddly but they do give you wet towels!
Flat Iron Steak £16.00

A lot of people come to Flesh and Buns for their desserts, notably the s’mores and the kinako doughnuts (which I have yet to try). Grace and I were celebrating her birthday so we got a more customised serving!

Dessert time!

S’mores – again a DIY thing, but very fun to play with. Melted marshmallows on skewers over a coal fire to sandwich between caramelised biscuits and matcha glazed chocolates is the definition of heaven.

We had the last match chocolates, F&B now serves milk chocolate.
You have to be quick. The fire runs out if you spend too much time taking photos haha!
Chocolate fondant and matcha ice-cream £6.00
Warm and gooey.

Nothing special for the fondant and ice-cream though. (Maybe it’s because I’m writing this post after returning from a trip in Japan…)

Service: Very trendy and chic service, since its a bar and pub style restaurant, they do treat you warmly. Maybe not so attentive at times, but given the size of the restaurant, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Bits and bobs:

  • Do visit restrooms – you’re in for a treat
  • £15 corkage fee if you want to bring cake
  • It’s below ground level, but they have wifi! Lots of rating points hehe.

Price: £££

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