Just not any ice-cream, it’s Amorino ice-cream. One of London’s most popular gelateria

History and Background:

We all know Amorino. We’ve all been. 58 shops across the globe, 7 in Germany, 4 in the UK, 2 in London. Founded in 2002 by Benassi and Sereni. I can go on about its history etc. but it would bore you. What I can say is that they do ice cream macarons, waffles, crepes, milkshakes… the list goes on.

Waffles are a tad average, the crepes are thin, but compensated with oozy nutella/ chocolate sauce. Gelatos are enriching and smooth, and texture so fine, you can taste bits of nuts in it (talking about the pistachio flavour that is).

There’s not much variety in my photos below since I favour Pistachio…and  arguably there are better Gelatos and waffles around, namely Gelupo, La Gelateria, or Wafflemeister. But despite the competition, Amorino remains to be one of the most sought out dessert places in town.


Covent Garden branch:

Pistachio everywhere! Pistachio gelato, and Pistachio macaron. Small £3.50
My mouth is dribbling already. Poyee’s ice-cream with crepe £5.50


Kinhoe’s Hazelnut and Chocolate, and a Pistachio ice-cream macaron! Regular £4.50

And from the Soho branch:

An assortment of ice-cream macarons. £1.50 each (£1.80 to eat-in)
Everyone’s favourite nutella sauce – Vanessa’s option
Yeah its one crepe…with 3 different angles
Soho branch is definitely a favourite.

Service: It’s a gelateria, so service is minimal, but of course there is sit-in charge. Soho is a smaller entity, larger queues, avoid it at peak times.

Price: £




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