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Gelupo Gelateria
Gelupo Gelateria with Fia and Louise

History and Background:

Opened in 2010. Owned by the same person who runs Bocca Di Lupo across the road, is a gelateria that claims to be London’s finest. Jacob Kennedy uses Italian and British ingredients to produce the creamiest, most dense ice-cream you can encounter in London. As one of the youngest chefs in the UK, (alongside the other young ‘uns… Sellers, Doherty…)  he has achieved remarkable success with Gelupo, having acclaim many awards for the quality of its gelatos.


A large £6.00 can be up to 4 scoops
Toni's Gelato
(Second visit) Toni’s hazelnut and pineapple Gelato.

Having tasted many pistachio ice-creams in the past, (due to my inability to try anything new), I find it very easy to differentiate between a good pistachio gelato and a bad one, and I can say without a doubt, Gelupo has the best gelato in town.

Pisatchio and Hazelnut
I will try and vary next time… it’s pistachio again.
An assortment of flavours. Small £4, Regular £5
A regular guest on eatwithsteph
A regular guest on eatwithsteph. Doesn’t she look greedy
They sell a range of authentic Italian goods.

Post updated with another visit…

Gelato (1 of 4)
Hazelnut, Blood Orange

Gelato (2 of 4)

Gelato (3 of 4)
When someone enjoys there Gelato…
Gelato (4 of 4)
They look like this

Service: Good. Minimal since its a gelateria and not a restaurant, but the staff are nice and they very willingly give you free spoon try-outs of flavours.

Bits and bobs:

  • Avoid long queues during peak hours
  • Late openings, so ideal for post-theater or dinner trips
  • the tissue they have is non-existent. It’s like paper, might be better to bring your own.

Price: £

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Square Meal


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