A crowd favourite. The Princi Tiramisu

History and Background:

A casual yet bustling setting, Princi has been around since 2008, its huge windows and sleek marble design accentuates the classiness of Milanese cuisine. A popular bakery chain founded by Alan Yau (my idol) – it has been a popular choice for quick eats, post theatre meals or long due meet-ups.

Cakes, savoury pasties, salads, pizzas, pastas, it has everything Italian, not to mention, a wide variety of cocktails, alcoholic beverages and tea.

This review is based on its sweeter delicacies, tarts, cheesecakes, éclairs and patisserie. It is open late most nights, and early enough for brunch, if you ever run out of ideas or want a quick bite, you know where to go.


Fresh mint tea (for 2): £2.20

The fresh mint tea is good, served with honey. Pretty soothing and detoxifying especially after a heavy dinner, and perfect to compliment with desserts. Below I think we have a raspberry patisserie – not bad, but nothing special, a bit too creamy and maybe too much gelatine in the middle layer.

Seasonal desserts £4.80
Tiramisu £4.80

Savoiardi biscuit soaked in coffee with mascarpone – the tiramisu is everyone’s favourite. I had a bite of this (this was ordered by Amy) and indeed it was enriching and flavourful, certainly worth the praise. The passionfruit cheesecake was well received too by Poyee and I, ground digestive biscuit and cream cheese topped in passion fruit jelly. What a bite.

Passionfruit cheesecake £4.80
Lemon Meringue £4.80

This is my favourite. Lemon Meringue may not be it’s given name, but you get the gist. Lemon cheesecakes or lemon tarts – or anything lemon is right up my street. The pastry was crispy yet crumbly, served with the fresh scent of lemon and the sweetness of the meringue completely satisfied my sugary cravings.

Small custard croissants £2.80

Service: Counter service is good, pretty fast pace

Bits and bobs:

  • Expect a queue but it goes down quickly
  • No booking and its a communal eating area – similar to a canteen
  • If you like people watching, sit by the windows, you stare right out to the street.

Price: £

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