La Gelateria

Enough said
Genuine tastes – and there’s matcha ice-cream!
Cosy interior in the heart of Covent Garden

History and Background:

London’s finest artisan gelato they say. Unsurpassing quality and genuine craftmanship they say. “London’s best gelato.” Doesn’t this sound familiar?  Haven’t we heard this before? There’s Gelupo, there’s Odonno…Well, La Gelateria aren’t wrong. Numerous accolades and awards have been given to what is one of the most authentic artison gelatos out there. And they are rightfully proud of it too.

Freshness and quality comes under their core values, produced daily using seasonal ingredients to create the most unique flavours. This is something that sets La Gelateria apart – its flavours. Like Gelupo, these gelatos are 100% natural, packed with flavour and low in fat.


3 scoops £4.00
You can see it all in the texture, so finely made..
Hazelnut and salted caramel ice-cream
  1. Honey, rosemary and orange zests flavour has been voted as London’s best
  2. Basil and chili – London’s best and UK top 50
  3. Salty caramel (a crowd’s favourite)
  4. Porcini chocolate cream
  5. Cornish blue and walnuts
  6. Vanilla mananara
  7. Sicilian pistachio (my favourite!)

There are always a few not on the main website – such as matcha, black sesame, or tiramisu.

Honey and Rosemary, Black Sesame, a true assortment of flavours!
Mel & Nat chose the salted caramel!

Service: N/A – self service

Bits and bobs:

  • Avoid at peak times
  • You can try flavours before choosing them
  • 2 scoops is enough! Don’t take 3 like I did!

Price: £

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