Flat Iron

So everyone’s talking about Flat Iron, what do you think?

History and Background:

Situated on the edge of Soho – or what I just call Oxford Street. Opened for a few years, word of this place had never really gotten around as it had started as a pop-up, but now with solid ground and having gone permanent, the food has been the talk of town. If you want great steak and at affordable prices, Flat Iron is the place to go to. Queuing to get in is part of the experience, as they have a ‘no reservations’ policy, queues can be an hour long, but don’t worry it’s worth the wait (see ‘the bits and bobs’ below).

They have a few branches. Soho, Covent Garden, Shoreditch.

The meal:

The menu is kept simple. There is the signature flat iron steak for £10.00, and off the menu specials such as Wagyu Beef for £18.00. These are random and may run out by the time you come in the evening, so be sure to head out early if you’re looking for something other than Flat Iron.

A little something given to you when you’re sat down at the table
Wagyu Beef served with house leaf salad for £18.00
Flat Iron Steak with house leaf salad £10.00

Sides are an extra to the bill:

  1. Dripping cooked chips – £2.50
  2. Creamed spinach – £3.00 (highly recommended)
  3. Market Greens £2.50
  4. Sophie’s salad – £3.50 (Blue Cheese, Candied Pacans, Lemon Dressing)
  5. Roast Aubergene £3.50 (Tomato, Basil and Parmesan)

Sauces are £1.00 extra.

  1. Bernaise
  2. Fresh Horseradish Cream
  3. Peppercorn
  4. Fred’s Sauce
Fresh and succulent. Pity it was actually quite warm by the time we ate it… we took time taking photos.
Roasted Aubergine was top notch. I would definitely order this one.
Nat, Kathy and Mel were my lucky lucky eating companions that day.
Simply picturesque…

Service: Food came quick, the staff were always cheerful. There was a guy who greeted us upon arrival who had a purple beard. Very trendy staff.

The bits and bobs:

  • If you choose to wait you can be given something that buzzes when your table is ready while you nip down to a local pub
  • Go on a Sunday, or go at opening time at 12pm. No queue and plenty of seats
  • Flat Iron operates on a table sharing system – since the restaurant layout is set in long tables
  • There’s actually a dessert menu if you ask. We didn’t.

Price: £

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