Kyoto Sushi

Good sushi, reasonably priced ran by Koreans in Soho

History and Background:

Whilst there’s not much I can find about its owners, Kyoto is known for excellent quality and value for money. This restaurant can easily be missed when you’re passing by Romilly Street. Its plain external decor acts a facade to the intimate and homely interior. The food is predominantly Japanese, but there are some Korean dishes that have been subtly integrated into its menu.

The meal:

Chicken Katsu Curry Udon £9.80
Champong Udon £9.50
Philadelphia Roll £9.80
Large portions at Kyoto
Tony’s very spicy Ramen dish!
Tuna Salmon Mix Plate £15.20
A very healthy fish to rice ratio
I just can’t get enough of sushi..

Highly recommended if you want to eat sushi at a good price, the udon is also a worthy spend, but I wasn’t sure about katsu udon combination. Neverthless, tempura udon with its flavourful soup base is also a must try. Especially if you’re order sushi…

Crab meat, avocado, seared salmon, philadelphia cheese, salmon roe, tobiko
Dragon Roll £9.80
Tempura Udon £9.50
Ebiten Maki £6.90 Soft shell crab Maki £8.50

The service: The restaurant is small, and intimate, the waiters are attentive. You can argue that the menu is deceptively cheap, but there’s a pricey service charge. Possibly 20%.

Bits and bobs:

  • You don’t really need to book, I’ve never booked

Price: ££

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