Maze by Gordon Ramsay *

French cuisine with Asian influences at Maze, Gordon Ramsay

History and Background:

One Michelin Star

Gordon Ramsay restaurants are no strangers to the restaurant scene.  Thirteen restaurants in London under is belt, but are all of them worthy of praise? Having been to a few, York and Albany, and Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, ( and see Savoy Grill, Gordon Ramsay review here), I find that each restaurant is as different as it can be, to the next. I came to Maze with thefoodforker almost 2 years ago and have not been impressed enough by it to return. Bluntly sounding, Maze by Gordon Ramsay isn’t one that I would recommend if you’re looking for top notch good food. Nevertheless, it is under the reputable Ramsay name, and their mains are cheaper in comparison to its brothers.

There is a sushi bar incorporated into the restaurant since Autumn 2012, and along with every dish served, there is an Asian twist to it. This restaurant combines the french with the far east.

The meal:

Prices are not included in some pictures, since this was a set meal. Previously at what was a steal for £25 for 4 courses, it now has a similar deal – £33 for 4 courses. Please see website for details:

Sea Bream, enoki mushroom, dashi, ginger £13.50
Neatly presented in classic French fashion, the Sea Bream
The meat wasn’t very tender, and actually quite dry.

Portions were small and very average and It’s fair to say that Maze lived up to what you would call the Michelin stereotype, typically small portions for a hefty price. Thankfully this was a set meal for £25.00, totaling £30.00 for service charge, but I would have rather spent that £30 elsewhere in a more casual setting.

Probably one of my favourite from this meal, Bok Choi was lacking in quantity. My mum cooks better Bok Choi than Maze… #eatwithmum
Strawberry shortcake
Vanilla ice-icream, honey glazed banana and a whole lot of chocolate elegantly grouped together.

Service: All french waiters with lovely accents to better incorporate the french theme. 12.5% service charge

The bits and bobs:

  • Coat room service
  • Private rooms available
  • Tasting menus available

Maze on Urbanspoon

Square Meal

Price: ££


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