inamo St James

Highly decorated, elegant and classy at inamo

History and Background:

So I’ve never done a completely negative review, and I am going to try and refrain from doing one. But let me first introduce to you inamo…

the core of inamo is our interactive ordering system

Reflecting on how innovative technology can be in the 21st century, inamo has created a unique and pioneering ordering system whereby you order off the table on an interactive touch-screen. Food and drinks are illustrated and there are bonus add-ons in this app-like programme, where; you can watch the chefs cook through a camera, call the waiter with a single touch of a button, or even request a cab to go home. This is definitely inamo’s unique selling point, along with their core values to serve the most high quality Japanese fusion foods.

I’m slightly relunctant to label inamo as mainly Japanese. It is strongly fusion, with influences from China, Thailand, Korea and other far east specialties.

The restaurant is also the second branch opened after Soho, and has been around since 2010, at least.

The meal:

Looking online, they actually have special offer for 3 courses at £20.00 with a glass of house wine. That’s a steal… but see for yourself if it’s worth it.

Papaya and Pork Belly £7.00

This papaya and pork belly combination was very strange, very strange. It didn’t complement well, and I think the papaya was almost sour. Pork belly seems a little dry and too chewy.

Soft Shell Crab Maki Roll £7.65

I’m practically screaming in my head right now. I actually visited inamo back in September and it’s taken me this long to write about it because I genuinely did not enjoy the food. As you can see above, the texture of the sushi is strange. My usual food photos would show you how grainy it can look, and you can tell when rice is cooked right. Here, it was so mushy. Utterly disappointing. This was not sushi rice either, they did not use Japanese rice. The soft shell crab was definitely over fried or either old, and not fresh. Can you tell?

Hot Stone Rib Eye £18.50

This is probably the tastiest dish there I had, but even then I thought it was overpriced for the amount of meat you were given. A good plaything though, you get to sizzle the meat according to how cooked you want it. We had to change the hot stone once before the dish was finished.

Udon Noodles in Miso Broth £14.25

I tend not to write too much in my posts, because 1) sometimes I’m too lazy, or too busy, or mainly 2) I’m content with the food and there’s nothing more to say than to display the food porn. But when I’m unhappy… heck I can write an essay.

Udon noodles was so-so, slightly overcooked, but the combination of flavours did not go so well. There was too much going on, and too many condiments. Frankly, too much salt, and potentially too much MSG. The portion was also surprisingly small. (Photo does not depict how small it was… I just zoom in. A lot.)

Service: The restaurant is so big you can barely get their attention when you want to. Since you basically communicate with the interactive whiteboard on the table, you have to request for their attention there. But for some reason they’re extremely slow. (Even though we were the only other customer in the restaurant). 10% service charge.

The bits and bobs:

  • You’ll never need to book. Seems like there’s always space.
  • Highly recommend not going for the sushi

Price: £££ (Rather than the literal aspect of the price, its the worthiness of it.)

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