Kanada-Ya 金田家

eatwithsteph experiences the ramen craze first-hand at Kanada-Ya, a ramen bar sought out to be the best in London

History and Background:

The English equivalent of the word tonkotsu is pork bone broth, usually prepared over 18 hours resulting in smooth, thick and savoury noodle soup.

There has been a steadfast of ramen bar openings that have filled the streets of London in recent years, and here to name a few; Shoryu, Tonkotsu, Bone Daddies, Sasuke, Seto and Ippudo. Kanada-Ya has opened its latest branch on Denman Street directly opposite Ippudo. Compared to the likes of its competitor, its large, dedicated fan base and frequent first-rate reviews has propelled Kanada-Ya to be unofficial number one ramen bar in London.

With successful branches in Japan and Hong Kong, the opening of this bar in autumn 2014 has led to queues and queues of people waiting in line to taste the authenticity of what you would call – Kyushu style tonkotsu ramen.

One of the cheapest eats around where you can finish your meal off with less than £10-15, please visit the Bits and Bobs section below for further information on deals.

The meal: (Photos are from two different visits)

Kanada Ya
Chashu-Men £12.50 (Recommended)

This place really reminds me of Ichiran in Hong Kong, where you can choose the firmness of your ramen, or to add toppings to your meal for an extra price. For more information on the menu, please visit their website: https://www.kanada-ya.com/food-and-drink

Kanada Ya
Hanjuku Egg (Ramen dishes do not already include egg) £2.00
Black Garlic Sauce (Ma-yu) £1.50

I chose to have firm noodles. The texture was made just right, and broth, so smooth and thick , enticed with enriching pork flavours. The ramen are made out of thin wheat noodles and are made live from a noodle gizmo.

Original Ramen £10.00
Egg made perfect!

Above, was a meal spent with Vanessa, and with a party of 2, it was much easier to be seated than with a party of 6 below!

Louise, Fia, Daisy, Mun Squared, and Claudia enjoying Beer Monday
Kanada Ya
I’m actually not much of a tonkotsu fan, but boy does Kanada-Ya serve up some good broth.

Being the glut that I am, Muns and I ordered an extra onigiri (rice triangles) stuffed with salted salmon.

Fresh Flaked Salmon Onigiri priced at £4.25
The Onigiri is so-so, quite a large portion for onigiri, but a meal out of just ramen is enough! Too full.
My Chashu-ramen getting its solo shot

With the very generous portion of pork slices and thick, creamy broth, as well as your bottle of beer (usually priced at £4.00) it’s hard to come out of Kanada-Ya still feeling hungry!

Everyone snapping away to update the world of social media what they had for dinner…
Vanessa’s original ramen, nothing beats hot food on a cold day.

The bits and bobs:

  • No booking, expect queues or time your visit wisely! (There are heaters outside)
  • Table sharing system
  • Avoid visiting in large crowds, 2-3 is the optimum
  • Large and clear windows mean that you may have hungry google-eyed citizens staring at you eat from the outside…


  • Local business employees deal – (if you show your business card = 15% off)
  • Students discount too, if you bring any form of ID
  • Beer and Ramen Mondays! Any ramen and beer for £12.00

Service: It’s a small place but the waiters are there when you need them. Minimal interaction but attentive

Price: £

Kanada-Ya on Urbanspoon


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