[HK] Waffills

Fia eye-ing up the pulled pork waffill like a true glutton
Background and Taste:

Bringing you my first non-London based post today and it’s on Waffills! Selling sweet & savoury Belgian waffles located in the back streets of Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. (Next to Via Tokyo: review out soon)

Opened on 14 March 2014, and owned by the very talented Belgian chef Joeri Schreurs, Waffills (abbreviated from Waffles with fillings) introduced a new style of Belgian waffles with fillings – obviously stuffed inside them.

Credit: www.talkandspoon.com

The waffle itself is light, and tasteless but it gets its’ flavour from its fillings, or sauces. We ordered pulled pork waffle between Fia and I (as we actually had Via Tokyo ice-cream for breakfast just before that…).

They have a variety of unusual and unique flavours, (using Oanda exchange rate @ 14.03.15):

  • Cheese Burger Waffill ($58) £5.00
  • Thai Prawn Waffill ($52) £4.50
  • Pulled Pork Waffill ($48) £4.15
  • The Vegetarian Waffill ($40) £3.50
  • Brussels All Day “Brekkie” ($35) £3.00

Sweet Waffill options and more from its menu are found here on openrice.

Pulled Pork Waffle $58

Service: A small cosy interior with expected minimal customer service interaction.

Price: £

A: G/F, 124 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay
T: +852 2613 9600
F: https://www.facebook.com/waffills/timeline

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