Banh Mi Bay

Serving one of the best Vietnamese baguettes in London
History and Background:
I first heard of this small eatery by word of mouth, Vietnamese food is not so mainstream in the UK, especially in London, but its actually one of my favourite cuisines.(I always think I’m half-Vietnamese due to my father’s history with Vietnam but many people think otherwise haha…) There are several good Vietnamese places worthy of note, but I first thought I would try my hand at Banh Mi Bay, Banh Mi is a literal translation for Vietnamese baguette, so you can guess that one of their specialties would be their…baguettes! I came with with Matt and Amy, to the Holborn Branch. You can find Banh Mi Bay in Fitzoriva (takeaway only) and St. Pauls. They also do delivery to certain areas of central London, for more information check their site: With a strong focus on Vietnamese authenticity, they stick to Vietnamese delicacies and local foods and have a strong following of City workers committed to having their daily lunch at the Vietnamese cafe. Fast and quick service means that Londoners and commuters can easily hustle and bustle within work hours without having to wait for good food.
The meal:
Banh Mi
Chargrilled Satay Chicken £4.50

One of the cheapest eats in London, takeaway prices vary from £4-6.

  • Fresh summer rolls (my favourite) – recommended * £3.50
  • Deep Fried spring rolls £4.00
  • Banh Mi Baguettes ranging from Shredded Caramel Pork to Char-grilled Satay Chicken £4.50
    • Extra main filling £1.00
    • Add Pate £0.50
  • Pho (similar flavours) for £6.00
  • Rice Boxes £6.00
  • Vietnamese drinks ranging from £1.50 – £2.00
Slightly dry but filling
Banh Mi
Chargrilled Lemongrass Beef £4.50
If you like sweet chilli flavours these baguettes are right up your street

These are big baguettes, but I found them to be slightly too dry, it may be because there’s too much bread – condiments ratio. Nevertheless, they’re enjoyable and aromatic, and similar to those that I have eaten in Vietnam. The added kick from chillies and fresh herbs allow your taste buds to savour the fresh flavour.

Banh Mi Bay
Deep Fried Spring Rolls £4.00
Vietnamese rolls are pretty different to Chinese spring rolls so do try some!

Fresh summer rolls (below) are my absolute favourite, my grandma always make them for the family on special occasions, and it really does taste exactly the same! The rolls are tasteless without dipping it into the lemon/ fish sauce I really love, you should relish the taste when you get a chance.

Fresh summer rolls £3.50

Service: It does get really busy especially during lunch hours, but the staff are friendly all the same. They are super speedy and very quick service, just what people love. They won’t rush you out either, since most of the business is take-out.

The bits and bobs:
  • Opening hours can be quite specific:
    • Mon-Fri 1130-4pm, 5.30-9pm. Closed Sundays
  • No booking between 12pm – 2.30pm, weekdays
  • Expect a queue but it dies down
  • The pho is supposed to be quite good, so try them out, (I will next time)
  • If you are thinking of visiting, ask me to come with, please!
Price: £

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