[CZ] Oblaca

At the tallest tower in Prague
Background and Taste:

Located 66 metres above ground, the Oblaca restaurant in Zizkov Tower overseas the whole of Prague with its wide framed windows. Modern Czech, international and seasonal dishes flood the menu and the 50 seat restaurant sustains a very modern and metropolitan feel.

Before entry to the tower, you will see strange architectural designs by Czech designer David Cerny. They are what I think are naked babies climbing up the tower sides. It located away from the major attractions of Prague, so this may be something you want to do at the beginning, or the end of the day.

The meal:
Zizkov Tower
Our holiday in Prague, March 2014 started off on a high!
Zizkov Tower
A selection of breads are given, with garlic butter, of course on the house

If you’re used to London prices, you will find that dining even at the most expensive restaurants to be pretty cheap in Prague, (using Oanda exchange rate @ 14.03.15).

Zizkov Tower
Tiger Prawns – (335 CZK) £8.75
Zizkov Tower
Salad of fried prawns in panko breadcrumbs with a sauce of fried crab, chilli peppers and lime leaves

Met by surprise with our starters, how beautifully and intricately placed they were, it meant minimal editing when it came to posting! Tiger prawns were crispy, but tender inside, sauce added flavour. Below, was my main, foie gras, it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. Lukewarm when served and a bit bitty.

Zizkov Tower Oblaca
Foie Gras with grilled goose liver with gingerbread purée, marinated cumquats and chocolate sauce (245 CZK) £6.40
Zizkov Tower
Pretty Vanessa with her pretty main in a pretty city~

Next up was mains, I chose to have truffles from the Hall of Fame menu. So I have a fascination with mushroom of all types, and its not a surprise I ordered one here in Prague. The gnocchi was cooked  well with what might be truffle puree inside.

Truffle Gnocchi served with black truffle in a cream sauce (345 CZK) £9.00
Beef Steak a la chef (655 CZK) £17.10

Brazilian sirloin steak with grenaille potatoes and rossini sauce, it’s quite a lot of meat on one plate but the stunning visuals just made it so much more easy to finish.

White chocolate mousse (140 CZK £3.70
with pecan nuts in honey, pistachio gelée and almond croccante

We decided to order 3 desserts… but it was too much and we left the second and third basically unfinished. The only one that impressed us with the Pina Colada ice lolly and boy was it good.

Variation of Chocolate Foams (145 CZK) £3.80
with biscuit de savoie with a sour cherry glaze
Home-made Pina Colada Ice Lolly (155 CZK) £4.05

My absolute favourite! The pineapples soft and sweet, but obviously fresh, even on a cold day you have to try this!

with “sous vide” pineapple with a mixture of winter spices and chocolate-coconut bed

Bits and bobs:

  • Advised to book, but to be honest I think you can pretty much walk in since it didn’t seem to busy. (We came at lunch though.)
  • They have a bar area as well as another cafe on the same floor, (not linked to the restaurant but you can have a look at these if you’re going to Zizkov Tower).
360 view at Zizkov, amazing even on a cloudy day

Service: Sub-standard. Nothing special.

Price: ££

A: Mahlerovy Sady, 2699/1A, Prague 13000
F: http://www.towerpark.cz/en/restaurant/

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