Scoop, small and dainty on Brewer Street
Scoop London
A place I used to frequent often, their nuttella crepes are heaven!

History and Background:

Our gelato is a natural luxury

Having won many accolades over the years, I feel like Scoop Gelato has been overshadowed by the likes of it’s Soho newcomers and other fine artisan gelaterias (see Gelupo, La Gelateria), whilst it may be hidden from the spotlight, it still remains to be one of my favourite dessert places, (despite the lack of visits).

Emphasis on top quality natural raw materials, Scoop acclaims that there are no preservatives or no artificial colouring of their ice-creams. Gelatos, like others, are produced fresh everyday.

The crepes with warm nutella is a must order!

Scoop Gelato (16 of 19)
Matcha Crepe now on the menu! (squeals**)

01/04/2015: They have recently added a few new specials to the menu, such as Matcha/ Green Tea gelato, and crepe! I have added a few more photos from my most recent visit.

The desserts:

Thicker crepes than Amorino, but quantity of gelato lacking in comparison to other places

Slightly pricier than others too, for:

  • Crepe with Lemon/sugar £3.70
  • Crepe with one gelato scoop £5.30 (+50p extra for an extra scoop)
  • Waffles are priced the same
  • Brownies at £2.50, with one scoop starting from £4.10
Crepe Scoop

Scoop Gelato (1 of 1)

Scoop Gelato (1 of 19)
Nutella and Pistachio gelato for Nazia
Scoop Gelato (4 of 19)
Justin’s cheesecake gelato with a really yummy brownie

Scoop’s orange tables really don’t do me any good (or my camera rather). Justin thought the cheesecake tasted completely of milk rather than cheesecake. The matcha gelato was also rather bland and didn’t have that strong green tea taste to it. Nevertheless it’s all work in progress for Scoop since these are made fresh, daily! The brownie is definitely recommended, they have one of the gooey-est warmest brownies!

Scoop Gelato (6 of 19)
Strawberry Gelato with nutella crepe
Scoop Gelato (12 of 19)
Matcha Crepe with Pistachio, and Matcha Gelato, with sprinkled crushed almond cookies, served with whipped cream
Scoop Gelato (13 of 19)
Yes I’ve overloaded you with 4 photos, sorry.
Scoop Gelato (15 of 19)
Warm nutella sauce complemented the matcha flavour well, can get too heavy for one person, especially with 2 scoops…
Scoop Gelato (19 of 19)
A little sneak peak for whats inside your future crepe

The bits and bobs:

  • They have different opening times in the summer/ winter, see here for more information. (Still open relatively late)
  • Soho branch seems to have stopped doing crepes for a short while. You may want to check before going.
  • Very small Soho branch, would recommend going to Covent Garden if you would like a seat

Price: £

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    I love your food photos and reviews. They are making me HUNGRY! 😉 My husband is British and we go back to UK rather often so I have to visit some of these places you’re recommending when I’m back 🙂

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