Cremerie Creperie (Kensington Crepes)

Kensington Creperies

Apologies for the yellow tinge – I blame the crepe colouring!

History and Background:

Specialising in French crepes, Kensington Creperie has the widest range of crepes I know in London. From savoury to sweet to alcoholic ones, it has everything you will ever need. I envy Imperial College students… South Ken has its own little foodie town!

Serving crepes since 2001, made fresh daily and open everyday between 10.30am – 11.00pm, Kengsington Creperie pride themselves in having one of the most comprehensive menus out there so look no further…


Kensington Creperie

Superbe Coffee Crepe £6.50

Err… biscuits, white Belgium chocolate, coffee, coffee sauce, concentrate milk. (Only for the coffee lovers)


La Belle – Helene Crepe £6.75

So we were actually a group of 3, but we ordered 4 crepes. Don’t do that, you’ll get sick – we did! (Too much food after a meal!) The coffee crepe looked heavy but Daisy had pretty much finished it (a coffee freak).


A special – vanilla ice-cream, apple and maple syrup


La Crepe Quebec £5.95


Banana, walnuts, butter and cream with real maple Canadian syrup

Pretty good crepes, but they’re rather filling, save some space in your stomachs otherwise its a meal not worthy of being spent.

Bits and bobs:

  • Didn’t seem to packed, the restaurant is partitioned by a wall so it’s bigger than you think
  • They do good savoury crepes, do try if you’re not too full

Price: £

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