OnTheBab (Covent Garden)

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It’s here! Another place for after-work drinks! #drinkswithsteph
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You can’t miss it…. there’s a sign

Second Branch of OnTheBab Shoreditch, (review can be found here), thus no introduction needed!

Opened on the 10th April offering a one day 50% soft launch (dishes here are shown full price), I took the opportunity to try some new things from the menu. Again the focus is on Korean Anju dishes, that is, food that is served well with alcohol, similar to a Japanese Izakaya, but the Korean version.

The meal:

There are a few things new on the menu, such as new flavours to the Yangyum Chicken, Sweet Spicy with Garlic Topping, and Garlic and Mayo.

Muffins are also new to the menu, mirroring the current street food trend from Seoul, the Korean Muffin Case Baked Egg.

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Kimchi and Cheese Egg Muffin £3.50 (Korean Style Egg Muffin with a Korean Dip
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Quail Egg and Bacon Egg Muffin £3.50
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Beer taps for the beer lovers
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When you eat with Andy you know you can drink with Andy

The muffins were indeed something new and it’s not something that suits everyone, Daisy enjoyed the Kimchi and Cheese flavour whereas Allan didn’t. If you go for a muffin, best go for the Kimchi and Cheese, the Quail Egg and Bacon is too European!

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On the Buns (2 pcs) £7.00 (Bulgogi Beef)

I’ve had a lot of baos this week, (Hirata Buns), the baos aren’t as soft as its Taiwanese competitors (Bao London) but it is still a great eat, its portions are larger, and you get your fair share of kimchi in your filling.

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A lot of veg in our veggie On The Bibimbap £7.50
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On the Buns – Spicy Chicken £7.00
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It’s chicken! Yangyum Chicken (medium) Garlic Mayo, and Sweet and Sour for £11.50
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On The Roll/ Korean Style Burrito £7.50

The Yangyum Chicken were my favourites, more the Sweet Spicy than the Garlic Mayo  but it was something different! Great with beer! The Korean Style Burrito is essentially a kimbap, a lot of condiments in them and a very large vegetable to meat ratio…

On The Bab (22 of 26)
We got too full… but the ‘burrito’ consisted of various vegetables, choice of bulgogi beef, spicy pork, spicy chicken, fried chicken or mixed veg.

On The Bab (20 of 26)Service: The manager came quite a few times to see how we were doing, it was a busy day for the team!

Bits and bobs:

  • Like the Shoreditch branch, they will not be doing bookings
  • A bar is incorporated into this branch, giving it a more pub-like feel
  • Offer takeaways

Price: £

Square Meal


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  1. I have my eyes on that Korean Style Burrito – so much going on in there! Yum!


    1. eatwithsteph says:

      It was a lot!! A bit try but was yummy~

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi again Steph! I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award and/or the One Lovely Blog Award which are ways for fellow bloggers to reach out to one another and discover new blogs too. Details can be found on my blog post: http://www.springtomorrow.com/2015/04/18/liebster-award-and-one-lovely-blog-award/

    There’s absolutely no obligation to participate but should you decide to go ahead with it, do give me a shout as I’m very interested to read your responses to my questions.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more amazing posts from you.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. eatwithsteph says:

      Oh wow thank you! I will of course write one up!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Looking forward to reading it! 🙂


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