Yashin Sushi
Starters at Yashin with Daisy and Eunis

History and Background:

Just off the main road in High Street Ken you’ll find Yashin Sushi Bar at the top of Argyll Road. Described as a Kensington Jewel by timeout, it’s certainly hard to disagree with them after a visit. Can I please name drop that Stanley Tucci and his wife were sitting at the table next to us (on a table less than 20 centimeters away from me!) I spent most of the evening trying to eavesdrop (oops).

Opened in Autumn 2010 by two renowned chefs, Ikeda and Mineno, previously head chef at Nobu. The small but elegant sushi bar is actually maintained by non Japanese people. This is rendered irrelevant since they welcome new arrivals in Japanese, and upkeep Japanese dining formalities to sustain the authentic feel. Sushi at Yashin is known to be done first class and is marketed to eat without any soy sauce. Some sushi eaters believe that to taste every part of the sushi, it is best done without any soy.

The meal:

Once again, apologies for photography… camera troubles.

Yashin Sushi
Octopus Carpaccio, on ice cakes and picked fennel/ black ink
Yashin Sushi
Unagi and Autumn Truffle, so delicately put together

You can tell that from the first two dishes, Yashin loves to use truffles, which is great for me! Truffle aroma comes out really strong for these dishes so avoid it if you don’t like that smell.

Omakase (eight pieces) £30.00
Yashin Sushi Bar
A selection of sushi served with roll of the day. Put together very beautifully, and very satisfying for the taste buds
I am a bit of a sushi lover… so here’s a third photo
Yashin sushi
Watarigani £9.80 deep fried soft shell blue crab with sweet soy
Take me back please!
Yasai Maki £7.00

There isn’t as much on the menu as you would see elsewhere but the selection of sushi/ choices you see are really top notch. Below is a signature dish I would highly recommend. The tuna was so soft and SO GOOD. (Again, they do like to use truffles and ponzu jelly!)

Tuna with Truffle Infused Ponzu Jelly £11.00
Ebi Ten – Prawn Tempura and french beans with chilli ponzu jelly £7.50

Service: Nothing special to mention, but no complaints!

Bits and bobs:

  • Booking recommended, the restaurant isn’t that big
  • Better to sit at the bar and watch the itamae team in action

Price: £££

(Apologies for missing pricing in some dishes, they change seasonally, but expect a solid spend between £25-45 per person – of course depending on what you order)

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