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General Manager Sameer and his team showcase India’s finest with the new menu at Gaylord


I was invited to a Food Bloggers dinner to review the new menu Gaylord recently rolled out, you may recall that I have visited Gaylord just once before, for a friend’s birthday so therefore this post will need no introduction! (Review found here).

The meal:

Warning: A few more photos than usual, sorry for the JPEG spam, we ate nearly everything!

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A welcome drink is given upon arrival! Sharabi Saffron Thandaior Virgin Paan Mohito
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One of Gaylord’s signature dishes, the Golgappa Shot

We saw the Golgappa shot being served to others in our previous visit, and wondered what this was, little did I know that I would be lucky enough to try this at the meet! Traditional Mumbai Street food gives a little kick to your taste buds to start off the evening.The liquid is poured into a delicate hollow puri before you pop it in to your mouth. See more of the amuse bouches below:

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Mini Bhelpuri Cone
Gaylord (6 of 27)
Aloo Tokri Chhat

Murg Malai Tikka, Zaffrani Chicken Tikka, and Murg Gilafi Seekh dishes were also tried, giving us a variety of Chicken to taste!

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Starters: Tandoori Tiger Prawns – Saffron and tandoori masala marinade, chargrilled
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A favourite: Crab cakes Dakshini, made of curry leaves, southern spices, sesame seeds, mustard cress, and sugarcane stick
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Tacos Galore! Spicy Rajma, with red Kidney Beans, or Lamb Seekh Kebab.

The tacos were Gaylord’s twist of the evening, an Indian take on Mexican tacos, can be fiddly since you crunch your way through the crisp texture, but it was worth the effort.

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Lamb chops Anardana
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Prawn Coconut Curry: Delicate coconut curry with kaffir lime, mustard seeds and aromatic spice mix
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Butter Chicken, a classic favourite, consists of tandoori chicken strips, and their signature Makhni Sauce
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Dal Bukhara, signature lentils cooked overnight
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Palak Paneer, fresh home-made cottage cheese, pureed spinach and fenugreek
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Anar and Cucumber Raita – Pomegranate and cucumber yoghurt with roasted cumin
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Slow cooked lamb, fiery red onion, plum tomato curry and Kashmiri red chilli
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Tokri, an assortment of Tandoori baked breads, fresh from the Charcoal oven, Bhutara
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My plate… I tried to make it look pretty * hehe *

I was so full I’m not sure I tried everything, I knew I had to leave space for dessert and I was not disappointed! Unfortunately food bloggers sitting near me, selenatheplaces, foodycatAlicia, theyoungdomesticgoddess and londonkiwi had to leave early, so I took the opportunity to wolf down the rest of the carrot pudding (Gajar Halwa). (They have amazing blogs by the way, so please check them out!) The carrot pudding dessert was so good I could have eaten two portions!

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Dessert came in an intricate ornate box
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Gajar Halwa, carrot pudding served hot (contains nuts)

So I was taken by surprise by the second dessert, Gulab Jamun Flambeed, it was similar to taking a vodka shot due to how strong the rum was infused into this cup. A very eye-catching dessert though. All in all, if you love your curry, and you love your alcohol, pop by to Gaylord off Mortimer Street. There’s no excuse. It’s in Oxford Circus, it’s as central as it can get!

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Gulab Jamun Flambeed with Spiced Dark Rum

Service: Given that there was a near dozen of us, service was more than satisfactory, attentive, friendly but not intrusive. Sameer, the general manager was constantly on the side to help with any specific queries.

Bits and bobs:

  • New menu also includes a grand Thali dish available for lunch only, it looks pretty epic so have a look!

Price: ££

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