Tokyo Diner

Sushi from 2 Newport Place, if you’ve ever been in Leicester Square, you’ve definitely gone past it. Unmissable!

History and Background:

Tokyo Diner’s motto: Please come again, and bring your friends

Set over three floors, the narrow but central establishment can be found opposite an ‘award winning gay bar’ (I don’t even know what the bar is called, but that’s what it says plastered all over its exterior.) Tokyo Diner has been open since 1992, and focuses on a green and environmental way of serving. Always actively looking for sustainable sources of supply, they do not source and serve tuna due to the issue of over-fishing, see their website for an explanation.

It’s website says it’s open 12pm-12am everyday for 365 days…impressive.

The meal:

Tokyo Diner
Udon £7.30

Offering Japanese food at one of the most competitive prices in London, it’s fair to say you can easily get your bargain’s worth of food for less than a tenner. Bigger portions are free at Tokyo Diner, ask for Oomori and they will top your plate up with more rice. They have word-heavy descriptions of each dish so there really isn’t a need for me to rephrase it all here. A menu for the tourists really.

Tokyo Diner
Gyu Don £9.30

Everyone usually gets the katsu curry here, since it’s dirt cheap for a massive portion, trying something different, I went for gyu-don. A bit of a disappointment, see below…

Half of my gyudon was soaked in soup/ juices from the beef. Unimpressive
Tokyo Diner
Nigiri Set is £12.20
Tokyo Diner
Decent sushi. Not bad but not great, a bit rice heavy but I loved the sweet shrimp.

Service: Sub-standard

Bits and bobs:

  • Can get busy, and may take time for you to order
  • No tips allowed, following the Japanese formalities
  • If you’re sat downstairs it can get claustrophobic with the low ceiling

Price: £

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Square Meal


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