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Prestige and class at Gordon Ramsay

History and Background:

Three Michelin Star

I think this blog is no stranger to Gordon Ramsay chains, having reviewed Maze, and Savoy Grill (and an upcoming post on Bread Street Kitchen). Gordon Ramsay Restaurant is deemed to be one of the best, if not, the best restaurant to serve quality dishes represented by its 3 Michelin star rating. Expect prices to be as high as Mount Fuji but quality, plating, service to be at the highest standard. Clare Smyth, made Head Chef is the first and only female chef to run a 3* restaurant. (Also made partner of the GR group 2013.)

It first achieved it’s Michelin rating in 2001 having opened as Ramsay’s sole restaurant in 1998. With a seating capacity of 45, it can take up to three months to book your table. Located quietly on Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea, there’s even a bodyguard or security guard watching over its front doors.

The meal: Seasonal Inspiration Menu £195 per person

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The lighting wasn’t actually that great but here’s my final selection of photos!

So it’s taken me a while to get this post up on the blog, I think the excuse stems from the fact that overall, between the 3 of us, we took about 400 photos… please see below a mixture of photos from friends Amy, Poyee and I. (One of whom runs an IG blog under thefoodforker, check it out!)

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Starting off with amuse-bouches, the delicate quail scotch eggs
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Mini Truffle Buns – fragrant and soft
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Gourgeres (in the background) were heavenly, ethereal choux filled with cheesey bechamel perfected with precision
Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (11 of 30)
Baked Potato Mousseline, smoked egg yolk and topped with a sliver of Perigord truffle served in a delicate egg shell
Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (12 of 30)
Really exquisite use of truffle and designed so elegantly, its hard not to take a photo
Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (10 of 30)
Salmon Sashimi topped with roe and wrapped with seaweed, an amuse-bouche significantly different from the others
Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (23 of 30)
Another truffle dish, a recurring theme in all my posts recently!
Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (4 of 30)
Ravioli of Lobster, langoustine and salmon poached in a light bisque, oscietra caviar and sorrel veloute

Dishes were on the small side, but when leaving your taste buds so satisfied, it’s hard to give a unbiased judgement to the courses. Poyee opted for the lobster ravioli over the wagyu beef, (below).

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (3 of 30)
Scallop tartar with cauliflower, coastal herbs, nage and white truffle
Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (5 of 30)
Fruity wine was ordered alongside our tasting menu
Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (17 of 30)
Fillets of Dover sole poached with parsley milk, purslane and beurre noisette
Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (20 of 30)
Kagoshima Wagyu Beef with English Wasabi, pickled grelots and shiitake
Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (19 of 30)
One of the highlights of the evening, wagyu beef cut so finely, and tasted tender, and yet had a crispy coating, complemented with fragrant sauces
Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (18 of 30)

We swapped the deer loin for the Roast Pigeon with fennel, sauteed foie gras, lavender, honey and orange dish. When it came, we fell in love with the sauteed foie gras, and subsequently requested an extra main (+£35) but to have an extra foie gras topping instead of the roast pigeon…(I know you don’t need to tell me…we’re gluts.)

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (26 of 30)
Roasted Roe Deer loin with smoked chestnut, Williams pear and Tasmanian mountain pepper
Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (25 of 30)
Green apple and lime sorbet, with shiso, avocado and eucalyptus

This was so intricately designed, truly an art of plating demonstration from the GR kitchen. I think we all know I have a thing with cleansing palettes, I tend to prefer them over the actual dessert, this was done on par with Granita and Icelandic Skyr at Texture, if not, done better.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (28 of 30)
Pink Grapefruit Cheesecake with Brillat Savarin sunflower seeds and sorrel sorbet
Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (30 of 30)
Lets not forget the petite fours. not so sure on the Turkish delights but the peanut brittle was amazing. Chocolate slabs used to scoop up the peanut brittle finished off the Inspirational course on a high.
Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (29 of 30)
Clementine ice-cream covered in white chocolate served in bowl overflowing with dry ice

Service: What you expect from a 3*, 12.5% service charge. Front of House staff show a level of professionalism like no other.

The bits and bobs:

  • Coat room service
  • It’s a bit of a far walk from the nearest station (15 minutes)
  • Tasting menus available

Price: ££££

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  1. If you enjoy wine, go for wine pairings next time with tasting menu (can be at any restaurants). It’s another experience if paired very well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. eatwithsteph says:

      We did in fact try some fruity wine with Gordon Ramsay which I’ve forgotten to take note of – oops! But yes I agree! Love wine with steak too


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