Monocle Cafe

Monocle Cafe (17 of 28)
A spin-off of the Monocle magazine, a modest cafe shrouded by scaffolding
History and Background:

Monocle Cafe (1 of 28)
An instagram massive with the hot chocolate matcha cream at the Monocle cafe…
So it’s not a restaurant – but hey, who says I can’t blog it?

 The Monocle Cafe actually serves some proper meals, so I’m wary that since I haven’t tried any, I can’t give an overall opinion of what food is like here. They have a great selection of Japanese delights, like udon and salads, but I’ll leave that for your visit.

I came here a few times just for the Matcha hot chocolate, something that became a bit of an Instagram frenzy earlier this year, hot chocolate simply topped up with matcha cream…simple, but so easily satisfying.

Opened 1 April 2013.

The meal:

Monocle Cafe (26 of 28)
Shrimp Katsu Sandwich £6
Monocle Cafe (22 of 28)
Cafe Latte £3
Monocle Cafe (18 of 28)
Hot chocolate £3 (Matcha cream comes extra 50p – £1.50+)
Monocle Cafe (4 of 28)
Lanka cakes – Matcha tart (?) with red bean filling £4.90
These desserts are produced by Lanka, a cafe which I have yet to visit, but the Monocle also does macarons and chocolate tarts, not everything is about green tea!

Monocle Cafe (5 of 28)
Lanka cakes – Matcha tart £4.90
Monocle Cafe (8 of 28)
Possibly my 4th or 5th cup… (after multiple visits)
Monocle Cafe (27 of 28)
Katsu sandwich that comes with a handful of salt vinegar crisps and a few slices of gherkin
I believe the shrimp katsu sandwich is made to be more of a snack than a meal. (I did share this with Grace – so another reason for me not to be full)

Monocle Cafe (23 of 28)
Monocle Cafe (13 of 28)
This red bean filling… so unbelievably good
Service: Since it’s a cafe, minimal interaction

Bits and bobs:

  • Its quite a walk away from Bond Street, but its right opposite Chiltern Firehouse…maybe do some celeb spotting?
  • They have a great selection of foods which I’ve yet to try, but do hurry. Certain things run out real quick, particularly the Lanka selection, or the sandwiches
  • Opening hours aren’t too long, check the website for details

Price: £

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Square Meal


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  1. The hot choc with matcha cream looks yum! Definitely going to try that next time!

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    1. eatwithsteph says:

      Yes!!! I want to try and find that matcha green can hahah

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