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Poyee and Amy digging in to their food
History and Background:

The restaurant is named after the word Arirang, which derives from a Korean traditional folk song. Opened in 1975 as the first Korean restaurant in the UK (as they said ‘ the UK’, I assume this also means that Arirang preexists before the collective group of Korean restaurants in New Malden).

A family run restaurant focusing on Korean BBQ, popular for the locals and Koreans, and able to cater for private parties up to 30.

They also have a menu page dedicated to Japanese dishes, such as sashimi and tempura.

The meal:

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Pa Jeon (Seafood pancake) £8.50
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Kan Poong Gi (Deep Fried Chicken with Special Sauce) £8.50
This is very much like sweet and sour chicken Hong Kong style, something that is very familiar to me, with my family previously having owned Chinese restaurants…

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Tok kuk (Sliced rice cake with Beef soup)
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Chap Tang Bab £11.50
Chap Tang Bab consists of shrimps, sliced squids, beef, mushrooms and vegetables with rice and soup. Kimchee Jige below, Kimchee soup with pork, rice, side dishes and soup. There were only 2-3 pieces of pork though in the entire bowl, not sure if it’s worth getting.

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Kimchee Jige £11.50
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Squid with soy sauce £7.90
Basically, you can’t not have Korean BBQ when it comes to eating at Arirang, it’s almost compulsory! We had a selection of a few different types. See picture captions. Unfortunately we didn’t actually have a great experience with this place, the service used to be so much better. Momo ordered a bibimbap and they forgot about it, and 45 minutes in we were still waiting. Once the bibimbap was brought over, it was the wrong type… but we didn’t want to follow it up any further.

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Chicken £8.50
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The staff does everything for you – but you can request a DIY
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Thin sliced spicy pork £8.50
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Amy’s maturity level… lettuce/ cabbage you need to pay extra, but compared to the other Korean restaurants, they’re big. (Which is good – greater filling)
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Dol Bibimbap £11.50
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One of my favourite Korean dishes – hot stone bibimbap
Service: As explained above, a careless error degraded my experience at Arirang – also not the same as it used to be, but you’re here for the food, not the service

Bits and bobs:

  • Gives you cutely cut up oranges after your meal

Price: ££

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