Gelatorino (7 of 13)
Steph is happy after discovering a new favourite crepe place with Gelatorino!
History and Background:

Gelatorino knows how to keep high quality gelato fresh by having them scooped straight from pozzettis (lidded steel tubs).

Centrally located, at the heart of West End, with some of the top theatres within walking distance, Gelatorino pulls people in with their signature gelatos such as the coffee-flavoured ‘Breakfast in Turin‘ and ‘Dark chocolate and Gianduja‘.

It may be another Gelateria who boasts premium, top-quality gelatos, but it’s another one to add to my recommended list!

They use authentic traditional gelato machines and ingredients sourced from different regions of Italy. The way Gelatorino make their gelatos are by the traditional method of ‘mantecazione’, a churning and freezing process absorbing much less air as a result, creating a more velvety texture.

The desserts:

Gelatorino (2 of 13)
One thing to note though. They’re not great ‘scoopers’ look at our gelatos…

Gelatorino (9 of 13)
Nutella filled crepe with Hazelnut ice-cream…oh yes

Gelatorino (11 of 13)
Definitely another crepe worth getting, crepe is thicker than its competitor Amorinos, and the nutella is served in abundance

Gelatorino (5 of 13)
So Pete was served by the gentleman, who seemed to be much more experienced in scooping out gelato, allowing Pete to get his moneys worth!
Bits and bobs:

  • Prices are similar to all other dessert cafes, flavours differ daily with specials. (Popular ones remain of course)

Price: £

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