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The lucky diners who witness the chefs first hand at the robata counter
History and Background:

Along with Kikuchi, Ikeda is one of eatwithsteph’s favourite Japanese restaurants – for when payday comes that is.

A small but elegant restaurant with a tranquil backdrop, Ikeda has served fine Japanese food since 1978. Food and setting have often been described as exquisite and exclusive, and being near the Japanese Embassy often results amass of business men and client meetings taking place here.

Prices are high no doubt, but you’ll get your moneys worth, choose carefully as your bill can mount to as high as £100 per person including drinks. (I spent £60.)

Family-run, traditional formalities and waitresses in Kimonos, it’s like being back in Japan again!

The meal:

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Soft-shell crab £12.50
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Sashimi A £45.00
There were 5 of us, so I did not try everything in the retrospective sets, but the otoro (fatty tuna) was so good we ordered 3 more so everyone could try one each! The sliced octopus was also a pleasant surprise, with the added lemon it gave a very refreshing feel.

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酢だこ Sudako Sliced octupus, marinated with rice vinegar served with fresh grated ginger, £13.00
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さばの塩焼き Saba Shioyaki – Grilled fillet mackerel £16.00
Mackerel was soft and tender, but it wasn’t anything particularly special. I also tend to stay away from food in batter, or fried, but the tempura moriawase, i.e. assortment of tempura (fish, prawns, and vegetables) was surprisingly light, and crispy. The batter was thin, but thick enough to give you that crunch.

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Tempura Moriawase £18.50
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Iberico Tonkatsu served with home made mayonnaise salad £26.00
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Dobin-mushi £18.00
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Steamed clear soup with mushrooms, prawns, chicken and white fish
My parents at home call me a ‘soup queen’ because I love all kinds of soup, and dobin-mushi was no different! With mushrooms in abundance, the condiments combined together made it a very aromatic dish.

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Eringi mushrooms grilled in a foil parcel served with Ponzu sauce £15.00
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Nigiri Set A £42.00
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This was absolute heaven, unagi (eel) completely melts in your mouth. Healthy rice to sashimi ratio too.
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Amaebi (sweet prawn), ikura (salmon roe), unagi (BBQ eel), toro (tuna belly), sake (salmon), hotate (scallop), maguro (tuna)…
When pictures speak a thousand words, I’ll let you try sushi set A for yourself!

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Abalone £12.00
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Kani Zosui £20.00
We were too full for dessert but they have a selection of traditional ice-cream (red bean, green tea, tempura and even earl grey.)

Service: 12.5% service charge

Bits and bobs:

  • For dinner there is a minimum spend of £30 per person
  • Daily specials board you should check out
  • Cover charge of £1 per person added on bill
  • Booking highly recommended

Price: £££

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  1. May says:

    Steph my jaw dropped everytime I scroll down for more pics! That unagi is salivating! Great post, have you been to Roka? Dying to go!


    1. eatwithsteph says:

      Aww haha thanks! Yeah I’ve been but would loooove to go again – you need to try this place hehe


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