Flesh & Buns (desserts only)

Flesh and Buns  (1 of 12)

You can come to  Flesh & Buns for desserts only, just let them know before sitting down

See the full meal review on Flesh and Buns here. Once I saw the Kinako doughnuts on the menu I knew I had to return and try, I’m not a fan of doughnuts but anything to do with roasted soybean (kinako)….I’m there.

Below is a breakdown of the desserts you can get at F&B, (less the Yuzu tart, and Black Sesame Creme Brulee)


Flesh and Buns  (2 of 12)

S’MORES – passionfruit marshmallows, biscuits, almond chocolate £8

Flesh and Buns  (5 of 12)

2 pieces of marshmallows, 2 slabs of green tea/ or almond chocolate of your choice, and 4 slices of biscuits

Their signature dish, a small bonfire is placed in front of you while you make it a bit of a plaything and make s’mores. It’s overpriced for what it is, but you should try at least once!

Flesh and Buns  (7 of 12)

BONE DADDIES SUNDAE – matcha ice cream, blueberries, honeycomb £6

Nothing can go wrong with a matcha sundae, lthough it can get a bit fiddly with the shape of the glass being so tall.

Flesh and Buns  (8 of 12)

Vanessa and I eating our way into Covent Garden

Flesh and Buns  (11 of 12)

Kinako Doughnuts – (with roasted soybean custard filling) £6

Flesh and Buns  (12 of 12)

Warm and oozy

The inside of the kinako doughnuts were warm, and you can smell, and taste, the strong kinako aroma as the custard oozes into your mouth…The doughnuts were coated with too much sugar though I think!


CHOCOLATE FONDANT and matcha ice cream £6


A repost from my previous visit with Grace

Service: 12.5% service charge

Bits and bobs:

  • Do visit restrooms – you’re in for a treat
  • £15 corkage fee if you want to bring cake
  • No signal as it’s below ground level, but they have wifi!

Price: ££

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