[TKY] Tonkatsu Shotaro

Tonkatsu Shotaro (2 of 13)
Midori’s recommendation, Tonkatsu Shotaro, ‘the best in Harajuku’
Background and Taste:

I do have an abundance of Japanese posts on my blog, and this won’t be the last one. Having taken up Japanese more seriously with an aim to become fluent, my 6 day trip to Japan last December will be the first of many!

So Midori recommended Tonkatsu Shotaro, an easy find on Takeshita Street, minutes away from Harajuku Station. Tonkatsu Shotaro has been serving thick and tender tonkatsu for at least 40 years, and quite a tranquil restaurant given the noise from such a busy street. It has an extensive menu even though the size of the restaurant is small.

Tonkatsu Shotaro (1 of 13)
Amy and I met up with our old secondary school friend Midori who happened to be in Japan at the same time for a catch up in Harajuku.
Tonkatsu is breaded and deep fried pork cutlets usually served with some form of sauce. Takeshita street is known for its shopping outlet and funky fashion scene, so its a great stop for a meal if you get tired of walking.

Tonkatsu Shotaro (4 of 13)
Pork was thick, and panko crumbing was crispy, the pork cutlets are usually accompanied with miso soup and a generous bowl of rice.
Prices are also exceedingly cheap compared to London, see below using Oanda exchange rate 07.06.15:

  • Katsudon (980 yen) £5.11
  • Tonkatsu (880 yen) £4.60

Tonkatsu Shotaro (12 of 13)
I chose my tonkatsu to have cheese with it… and it was so so good…topped with tangy Japanese BBQ sauce 
Tonkatsu Shotaro (6 of 13)
Midori’s oyakodon
Tonkatsu Shotaro (8 of 13)
Amy’s katsu curry, really generous servings

Service: A small cosy interior, friendly staff.

Price: £

A: 1-6-12, Jinguumae, Shibuya-ku, TokyoHarajuku Station, Takeshita-dori
T: +81 3 6804 3834

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  1. Omg the food looks so nice!! Really want to try them, too bad its so far away from us. I haven’t had any good tonkatsu yet that’s worth remembering.

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