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eatwithsteph tries HKK, situated between Shoreditch and Liverpool Street, part of the Hakkasan Group

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The chef preparing our Peking Duck, where the room revolves around a rectangular centered table.
Background and history:

awarded a Michelin star in September 2013

HKK boasts a compelling dining experience from traditional Chinese dishes to high-end quality courses of fine calibre. Opened in 2012, it was the latest of the Hakkasan Group but was very quick to impress, with its culinary string of tasting courses.

Differentiating itself from the other Michelin restaurants, with social media threads of impressive food photography, I’m a fan of its Instagram page! Follow HKK on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

A very corporate feel upon arrival, you instantly enter a spacious, sparse, square room decorated with subtle sophistication.

Described as innovative, their menu consists of a 12 course tasting menu priced at £98. There is also a vegetarian option, but unfortunately that’s all there is to the dinner menus, tasting menus are typically rigid in nature.

The meal:

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Non alcoholic Cocktails £7.00
Eden – grapes, rose syrup, lychee juice and soda water
Green Nile – kiwi, ginger, coriander, lychee and apple juice

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Marinated Berkshire Pork and Osmanthus Wine Jelly (黑魚子醬水晶肴肉)
Wasn’t too sure of this starter course, since I’m not a fan of gelatine, but you can’t doubt its presentation.  Constituents are roasted bacon (joint), water chestnut, osmanthus wine, caviars, coriander and fish gelatine with Goji berry sauce.

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Dim Sum Trilogy (斋点心三部曲)
Presentation was the key feature here, making this course look like something from an art gallery. The dim-sum becomes a bit of a plaything, using the paintbrush as an intermediary between the soy sauce dip and the dumplings, I gave up and just used my chopsticks the normal way! The turnip pastry was so finely constructed and delicate. Was pretty reluctant to squeeze the puff pastry between my chopsticks.

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King crab puff; Chicken and truffle dumpling; Prawn and Goji berry dumpling;

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HKK Supreme seafood soup (桂花鱼米野菌汤)

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Scampi (New Zealand), Chilean sea bass, shiitake mushroom and Italian black truffle

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Cherry wood-roasted Peking duck (樱桃果木北京填鴨)
Instructed by the chef to eat this chronologically starting with the skin dipped in sugar and hoisin sauce, duck breast, and lastly the pancake. There is a subtle sweet taste to the duck, given that there is a small hill of what I think is sugar, mounted between the Peking duck skin and pancake. This adds to the already aromatic taste of finely roasted duck, its tender and moist flesh.

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Cut with professionalism, soft to the core, with crispy skin lining

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Garlic shoot, lily bulb and water chestnut in XO Sauce ( XO酱百合马蹄炒蒜心)

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Of course, a second shot of this is needed, given the size of the plate!

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Australian green abalone in royal sauce served with egg noodle (鲍鱼汁捞面)

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One of my favourite dishes of the night!
Certain people see abalone as a Cantonese delicacy, prices can exceed expectations in Hong Kong, and its no surprise that its made its way into HKK menus. The abalone came soft and tender, and accompanied well with egg noodle in black truffle ‘royal’ sauce.

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Seared Wagyu beef with coffee barbeque sauce (日本神牛白露荀)

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Probably one of the plainer dishes of the night, wagyu beef, something that’s becoming more mainstream and common, despite it being a ‘specialty’

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Spiced cumin Rhug farm organic lamb (鼔油皇子然羊粒)
Of course we can’t forget about the pre-desserts and desserts can we? I love lychee, you can probably tell by mine and Daisy’s choice of cocktails. Pre-dessert though, is something that is meant to be a cleansing palette, but tastes came out too strong, and was almost like a really sweet smoothie.

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Passion fruit jelly and lychee tapioca served with Lychee milk sorbet

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Chocolate and line mousse served with sesame ice-cream

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and that’s my 10 courses!
Service: The waiters are pretty quick in getting the plates out to you, observant as to when you finish your meal. At the end of the meal, you get given the menu with the chef’s stamp on it handed out personally by the chef. 12.5% service charge

Bits and bobs:

  • If you’re going for longer course menus like the 15 course, I highly recommend you start your dinner early, say 6, otherwise it will take you hours
  • It’s quite a walk from Liverpool Street, plan your route.

Price: ££££

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  1. May says:

    wow!! I really need to add this on my list. Thanks for your awesome reviews again. You have introduced so many to me xx


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  2. That duck though!! Lovely review Steph

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