Juma’s Kitchen (Grub Club)

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It’s a full house tonight at Juma’s Kitchen – can you spot the bloggers?
History and Background:

Meal courtesy of popular start-up pockethighstreet.

Pop-ups and street food are becoming the latest hype in the London restaurant and food industry, but it’s not going to be slowing down any time soon. Philip Juma showcases his expertise in Iraqi cuisine with Juma’s Kitchen, (you can find his events and others similar on Grub Club, or reach out to pockethighstreet).

Serving traditional Iraqi food from the Northern region of Mosul

Philip has an impressive resume, having worked at Michelin starred restaurants to his build up of Juma’s Kitchen, such as Gordon Ramsey’s Maze. Being a British born Iraqi, he finds his roots through his latest venture, Juma’s Kitchen is a continuously sold out and popular event, visited by many. A website to come soon.

The meal: (Usually a 4 course meal for a fixed price)

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Lamb bourek, falafel, spiced baba ganoush (mixed meze bites)
Having never had Iraqi food before, I was met with surprise at how elegantly plated Philip’s courses were and the flavours that arose from each of these. The meze was ate in an instant and was crisp, the sauces were distinctive and certainly never tasted before.

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Dijaj Bilmynarinj

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This beast of a starter!
‘Boneless, crispy chicken thigh served on wafer-layered potato with a rich saffron sauce, garnished in caramelised onions’

One of my favourite courses of the night, flavours were brought out in full force and caramelised onions complemented the savoriness of the chicken well.

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Kubba Hamuth
Handmade lamb dumplings with Iraqi spices in a rich tomato sauce with turnips, onions and garlic. Garnished with mint oil, and turnip crisp.

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Fattoush salad to complement the main
Philip illustrates the concept of sharing plates for the main, an eye-popping course that keeps diners salivating for more. This is JUMA’s signature dish, tender lamb chop with rice filled vine leaves.

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It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t make my own plate look pretty would it? Tantalizing french trimmed lamb chop on display

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Tender lamb mince marinated in Iraqi spices with rice, wrapped in vine leaves, onion shells and baby peppers, slowed cooked in lemon, garlic and pomegranate

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We can’t forget desserts, concluding the evening with Knafa. Warm baked cream and soft cheese with shredded filo pastry. Blossom water syrup added the sweet taste to the baked cream and pistachios gave it that extra nutty flavour. I can’t usually take creamy courses, but this one was so dribble inducing, I’m not sure where to start…

It’s best off you try it for yourselves and experiences the intensity of these ingredients when cooked together! A highly recommended and enjoyable affair.

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What a pretty dessert – baked cream and soft cheese topped with shredded filo pastry. Served with blossom water syrup and pistachios

Juma's Kitchen (16 of 16)
I could have eaten 3 of these…oops
Service: Style of service is very different at a pop-up, a more personalised and friendly encounter with those who actually run it. Phillip did well – and it was a meal thoroughly enjoyed.

Bits and bobs:

  • Locations may vary since it’s a pop up
  • There may be various discounts if you use particular sites – such as pockethighstreet

Price: ££


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