London Without Limits, 3 Little Birds (Grub Club)

3 Little Birds (10 of 12)
A series of blindfolded dinners for RLSB charity – eating with your other senses!

History and Background:

All photos taken for this post has been taken blindfolded (well, apart from the welcome drink, espresso martini).

A Taste is a regular pop up event managed by Australian chef Chris Jordan. In a collaboration with Sarah Blisset, together they held a 4 course blind tasting course earlier this year in aid of The Royal London Society of The Blind. Fia, Allan and I attended a trial run of London Without Limits 2015 at the newly opened 3 Little Birds, in Clerkenwell. They have been showcasing this event every week in the month of July, with the final installment finishing on the 25th July, so be sure to check it out!

Using your other senses beside your sight, such as taste, smell, sounds and touch, we were propelled into an evening of adventure and sensory creativity.

(I actually make a tiny appearance on the promo video – see if you can spot me here!)

The meal:

3 Little Birds (1 of 12)
Espresso Martini

I don’t want to give too much away, but it really is amazing how we can eat using just 4 out of our 5 senses. To facilitate our hands we had bamboo sticks separating the diners and outlining our eating area.

3 Little Birds (2 of 12)
Fia trying to take a drink from her glass of wine
3 Little Birds (3 of 12)
Actors who photo bombed! They assisted with creating a Shakespearean themed atmosphere on the night

By trying to take photos and documenting what I eat, I realised I had no control of who or what was in my photo! No worrying about angles and proportions here, I was absolutely blind!

3 Little Birds (5 of 12)
We had no idea that there was even anyone around us!
3 Little Birds (8 of 12)
Our food served in a bowl to ease the difficulty eating blindfolded
3 Little Birds (11 of 12)
Our dessert for the evening. Sweet and crumbly, finished it all up in an instant.
3 Little Birds (12 of 12)
I’ve deliberately not mentioned what we ate here, you can see for yourselves!

You can find more about 3 Little Birds and also the London Without Limits series here. You’re taken to sensory heights with a blindfolded meal, Chris Jordan deserves all the credits he gets for hosting a great dinner with great food.

Price: ££


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