Supernatural Juice Bar

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Euston Station and UCL University of London right at your door step
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A cute pop up situated just inside Great Portland Street.

A bit about Supernatural Juice Bars:

Drinks courtesy of Supernatural Juice Bars. Supernatural Juice Bars were first introduced through the Canary Wharf branch, their flagship store in 2012. 3 years on and a few pop-ups later we see the scale and potential Supernatural Juice Bars can bring to the organic drinks market. Hand crafted and locally sourced, the juices are made and delivered fresh.

One cup or bottle of juice contains 4 of your 5-a-day

Supernatural Juice Bar provides a wide variety of organic and healthy drinks such as

  1. Superfood Smoothies
  2. Nut Milks
  3. Herbal Tonics & Ellxlrs
  4. Healing Waters
Supernatural Juice Bar (12 of 27)
Drinks come in 3 sizes at 3 different prices

Things are kept simple at Supernatural Juice Bars, with 3 different sizes and no hidden costs. There are seating areas at the Great Portland branch where you can people-watch and stare out into the bustling streets of W1.

The drinks:

Supernatural Juice Bar (8 of 27)
100% organic and natural
Supernatural Juice Bar (5 of 27)
No frozen fruits!
Supernatural Juice Bar (15 of 27)
Strawberry Zing

Strawberry Zing comes under ‘Juice’ drinks and consists of strawberry, ginger, lemon, apple & honey. I loved this one as I was feeling something refreshing and fruity. Strawberry Zing matches just that. I was google-eyed at the ombre mixture of condiments, something pleasing to the eye.

Supernatural Juice Bar (1 of 7)

Under ‘smoothies’ we have the Bananaberry, which consists of banana, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry & almond milk. This was a much thicker texture, and you can visibly see bits in the smoothie to verify how organic and freshly made these drinks are. Perfect as a substitute to a meal, or a snack if you’re feeling hungry but don’t necessarily want to eat.

Supernatural Juice Bar (2 of 7)
Thick and filling, with an added extra mint leaf to give presentation

Service: A very friendly supervisor there who knows all about his drinks! (@ the Great Portland Street pop-up)

Bits and bobs:

  • They’re within the station so WIFI available

Price: £

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Shampan at the Spinning Wheel

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eatwithsteph ventures out to Kent to Shampan at the Spinning Wheel

History and Background:

Meal courtesy of Shampan at the Spinning Wheel. A restaurant that prides itself with fine quality Southern Indian food has been awarded a number of accolades in recent years. Notably winning British Curry awards in 2012, and Newcomer of the Year in 2013. I was lucky enough to visit its flagship restaurant in Westerham, Kent with Luxmmi. First opened in July 2011, it covers over 300 seat and a series of different dining areas most suited for events. Al Fresco dining, and cocktail bars also exist within this particular establishment.

Shampan (6 of 45)
The beauty within, the buildings that surround the Shampan restaurant outshines the rest of Bromley

Indian cuisine focuses on one important attribute – flavour

The meal:

Shampan (12 of 45)
A selection of Mango Chutney, Mint Sauce, Tamarind Sauce, Onion Salad and Mixed Pickle
Shampan (2 of 45)
Almost Amaretto Sour

Unfortunately it was more than a 90 minute wait before we were served food. As this was a particular media launch event, there were a few late comers, (which may have been predicted given the remoteness of this location), this resulted in us having to cut our time at Shampan short given our tight schedules. Nevertheless I do thank the Shampan team for their hospitality and for the time and effort they put in to organising this.

Before our lunch, I chose to have ‘Almost Amaretto Sour’ mocktail, which consisted of Amaretto syrup, apple juice and fresh lime juice. It was far too sweet for me, as the bartender must have overloaded the glass with too much syrup, I think going forward, this drink would be received well if they increase the lime juice to syrup ratio.

Shampan (14 of 45)
An amouse bouche before we start our meal
Shampan (15 of 45)
Fresh water king prawns with smoked garlic and dill leaves (£5.90~)

Despite the slow start, the food here is spectacular. From visual presentation to the quality of the dishes. The fresh water king prawns were aromatic and meaty, a very appealing first dish to start off the day. I would have probably liked the shell if no-one else was around..

Shampan (20 of 45)
Kentish Lamb chops, with minced lamb gilafi (£6.50~)

I wasn’t sure about the lamb gilafi, but I believe this was more to do with that it was such a foreign taste to me than anything else. The lamb chops were grilled stunningly and were full of flavour.

Shampan (26 of 45)
We were given a refresher, a cleansing palette to prep ourselves for the main.
Shampan (28 of 45)
Grilled red mullet with chillies, Bengali aubergine, and tomato broth (£10-15)

My particular main, pictured above would have been perfect if not for the tomato broth. The rice was cooked just right, and the red mullet was at a good texture, I didn’t taste anything chilli about it though. Unfortunately the tomato broth was not fitting for the mullet, or aubergine and this was a very strange combination. I don’t feel like tomato broth is particularly Indian either?

Shampan (30 of 45)
My neighbour’s main looked divine!
Shampan (31 of 45)
Yes I also took a picture of my neighbour’s plus 1’s food too!
Shampan (33 of 45)
Chargrilled cauliflower, broccoli and paneer lababdaar, laccha paratha (£10-15)

Luxmmi ordered the chargrilled cauliflower and loved it! The cauliflower and broccoli were grilled crisp but soft enough to ease the tongue, but the paratha was dry and over fried.

Shampan (38 of 45)
Shampan does a great job with visual presentation and plating
Shampan (40 of 45)
The attraction of the afternoon, carrot halwa samosa and chocolate chip mint ice-cream

I am a massive fan of this particular Indian dessert, and I was ecstatic when I heard this was what was being served! See pictured below at the fine texture of the carrot pudding, a very original and inventive creation from Shaman to serve this in the form of a samosa. The chocolate chip mint ice-cream though, was sub-par.

Shampan (44 of 45)
My absolute favourite from the afternoon!
Shampan (45 of 45)
Petite fours

The food at Shampan is served at such high quality, sometimes its difficult to find fault even when you want to. The best from Shampan was the carrot halma samosa, and the least favourite – the tomato broth with red mullet.

Service: A very hospitable team, friendly and engaging, and proud of their rich history with Bromley.

Bits and bobs:

  • It is 30 minutes away from the nearest station
  • Make sure you have a good GPS connection before setting off
  • Really good for weddings and corporate events
  • WIFI available

Price: ££
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Cafe Mish

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Cafe Mishs’ cute interior situated on a bustling street corner
History and Background:

Sandwiches and drinks courtesy of Cafe Mish. A cafe named after the owners – you’ll find freshly made, gourmet sandwiches in the bustling corner of 1A Shepherd Street, home to several local and friendly Mayfair pubs. Opened in July 2015, they were one of the hottest new openings, delving into new and unique  niche market of high quality sandwiches sourced from H.Forman & Son, Johnson & Swarbrick and The Bread Factory. Using organic produce from these particular companies allows Cafe Mish to create a distinctive taste to sandwiches not known before.

Cafe Mish serves up made to order sandwiches, with the meat carved in front of you as you ponder over a range of sandwiches to your liking.

The food:

Cafe Mish (8 of 66)
Caramel Shortcake £2.00

Cafe Mish (12 of 66)
Belgian Chocolate £2.70
As well as sandwiches they offer enticing patisserie such as Caramel shortcake and Belgian Chocolate cake, although I didn’t try these, you can tell with one look, how finely made they are.

Cafe Mish (35 of 66)
Jujhar enjoys his Roast Chicken sandwich! Camera shy?

Cafe Mish (38 of 66)
Caffe Latte, can be customised to your taste, this with soy milk

Cafe Mish (42 of 66)
Mish Chips £2.75
The Mish chips took me by surprise, even though eating the sandwich alone was very filling, I couldn’t keep my hands away from the mixture of hand cut sweet potato and potato chips!

Cafe Mish (43 of 66)
Roast Chicken Sandwich (R) £6.75

Cafe Mish (50 of 66)
A drink, a side and a Mish sandwich caters to your very needs! A makes a very cute lunch combo
The chicken sandwich consisted of corn-fed chicken with avocado, Romaine lettuce & espelette tarragon mayonnaise. You can taste the difference between the roast chicken here to the likes of its competitors. Free from additives and growth promoters, the chicken meat was succulent, and a natural, healthy texture on the meat can be seen.

Cafe Mish (53 of 66)
Mish Pastrami £9.50

Cafe Mish (59 of 66)
Salt Beef £6.75 – £9.75
We were lucky enough to try a further two sandwiches, its signature salt beef sandwich, seemingly pricey with the L being £12.75. There is actually a reason behind this, as the meat is weighed according to how much you would like. We had a small sized one and realised just how much meat you get in one sandwich! The salt beef consists of slow braised salted beef, sweet pickle gherkins, dijonnaise on a caraway bloomer. Calling these sandwiches divine would be an understatement!

I had the mish pastrami, a personal favourite, which consists of marinated beef brisket, Russian dressing, rose harrisa, sauerkraut and melted emmentaler. One bite of it and you can tell the bread is baked fresh, soft but taut enough to hold the insides.

Cafe Mish (62 of 66)
Soup of the day taster!

Cafe Mish (66 of 66)
Cafe Mish does quirky popcorn too.
We had a taster of the soup of the day, zucchini, basil and parmesan. The soup was thick and held flavour, with strong aroma emanating from the cup. A definite filling and appetizing end to our evening.

Service: We were served by Mish’s son who was here on a summer break! Great hospitality and very welcoming staff.

Bits and bobs:

  • They do deliveries so check their website for more information
  • They also have regular deals on so keep an eye out!

Price: ££

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Biju Bubble Tea Room

Biju Bubble Tea (1 of 47)
Nick (Founder of Biju) makes a shy appearance on eatwithsteph! (pictured far right)

History and background:

Drinks courtesy of Biju Bubble Tea.

For those who know me, you would remember when I would fanatically queue up for Chatime weekly due to consistent cravings for some Milk tea… those days were long gone once I found out how unhealthy those drinks really were.

By word of mouth however, friends mentioned of a new bubble tea place in town and before you know it, I was hooked on Roasted Ooolong Milk Tea!

Opened by Nick Phan late 2014, he introduced a new, healthier bubble tea concept to Soho with organic products and freshly brewed as soon as you order.

Biju Bubble Tea (6 of 47)
Biju is the real deal. See the tea leaves brewed in front of you in action.

Many people misinterpret what bubble tea is, which they deem as a drink with bubbles in it (with the bubbles referring to the tapioca pearls).

Bubble tea neatly explained by justopenedlondon are actually:

the practice of blending natural flavours, colours and ingredients into one of many types of tea, shaken and not stirred

So the tapioca pearls are an add-on!

Biju Bubble Tea (9 of 47)
Note the coffee/ espresso machine on the counter, there’s no use of powder, nothing is ready-made!

The cosy and uniquely decorated bubble tea room houses up to  30, where you’ll be greeted by friendly and enthusiastic staff upon your arrival.

Biju Bubble Tea (5 of 47)
My ‘eatwithsteph’ temps, regular eatwithsteph companions Tom, Fia and Louise

The drinks:

The following drinks have been customised by Biju, with toppings and flavours they recommend which would complement each other. A description of these drinks are very well explained by them here.

The pricing for your typical bubble tea:

  1. Regular (includes 1 topping of your choice) £3.45
  2. Large £3.95
  3. Toppings 50p
  4. Hot teas 50p extra
  5. Coconut water 50p extra
Biju Bubble Tea (26 of 47)
Vivid and vibrant colours! Little did we know how many bubble teas we would be drinking…

Intense flavours are brought out by the fresh brew with specially imported tea leaves, alongside the use of ‘nectars’ instead of white sugar and organic milk, Biju creates a whole new level of high quality, aromatic bubble tea.

Toppings are made in-house too, from your expected tapioca pearls to the popping fruits in mango pineapple, guava, Asian lime and other flavours.

Biju Bubble Tea (11 of 47)
Lychee Coconut Water (Iced) with toppings: Basil Seeds and Pearls
Biju Bubble Tea (12 of 47)
Black Mousse Tea (Iced) with topping of choice: Egg Pudding

Mousse teas are astonishingly dense and flavourful but at the same time, surprisingly light. One of eatwithsteph’s recommended!

The Hong Kong Milk Tea below is truly reminiscent of the teas people from Hong Kong brew, another favourite of mine – and a heavily recommended one.

Biju Bubble Tea (24 of 47)
The Classic: Hong Kong Milk Tea with topping of choice: Tapioca Pearls
Biju Bubble Tea (13 of 47)
Honeydew Melon Milk Tea (Iced) with topping of choice: Popping Banana and milk of choice: Almond Milk
Biju Bubble Tea (15 of 47)
Matcha Milk tea (iced) with Milk of choice: Almond Topping of choice: Basil Seeds Sugar of choice: Honey
Biju Bubble Tea (40 of 47)
Pineapple Coconut Water (iced) with topping of choice: Basil Seeds
Biju Bubble Tea (17 of 47)
Matcha Milk Tea (iced) with topping of choice: Pearls

I avoid matcha drinks in London as I feel they can be so terribly misrepresented, but no thick wallop of sugar is added here, you can really taste the matcha in your drink to its bitter extent.

If you want something very light after your meal, the wintermelon with herbal grass jelly is a good option, its light – but sweet.

Biju Bubble Tea (21 of 47)
Wintermelon Tea (iced) with topping of choice: Black Herbal Grass Jelly
Biju Bubble Tea (19 of 47)
Honeydew Melon Milk Tea (iced) with topping of choice: Egg Pudding
Biju Bubble Tea (34 of 47)
Taro Milk Tea (Iced) with topping of choice: Pearls
Biju Bubble Tea (39 of 47)
Apple Tea with topping of choice: Mango Jelly
Biju Bubble Tea (43 of 47)
Its the hot teas! Pictured left to right: Genmaicha, Matcha, Hong Kong Milk Tea, and Roasted Oolong Milk Tea
Biju Bubble Tea (44 of 47)
Genmaicha Milk Tea

Of course we had some hot drinks too, and I really can’t pinpoint a favourite here, the Hong Kong Milk tea, Gemaicha Milk and Matcha Milk tea were so aromatic I almost finished the drinks by myself…

Something that I would get even now despite the summer!

Biju Bubble Tea (45 of 47)
Matcha Milk Tea

Bits and bobs:

  • There’s wifi, ask for the password if you need
  • You can always customise your bubble tea at non-peak times
  • All sugar levels above were at normal levels – these too can be customised
  • Quiqup, Jinn and Deliveroo deliver bubble teas to your doorstep
  • Say hi to Norbert when you’re in, he’s the friendly supervisor there!

Price: £

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Aqua Shard [Bookatable]

Aqua Shard (2 of 41)
A great day with a great view

History and Background:

Meal courtesy of bookatable, a website that offers easy and first-rate booking experience for some of the best restaurants in London.

Serving British cuisine half way up The Shard at what is Western Europe’s tallest building, its floor-to-ceiling windows allows it to offer a spectacular 360 degree view of London. The restaurant, very contemporary, with the interior – plain, but somewhat distinguishably British, and the dim-lit lights subtly gives it the finishing touch for a cosmopolitan and modern feel.

I’ve visited Aqua Shard before notably for Christmas and Birthday celebrations which the review can be found here. This however, was the first time going to the Shard in broad daylight and bagged a window seat!

The bookatable deal for Aqua Shard really is a value for money, when you’re sat in what arguably is the best dining view in London paired with contemporary, modern British cuisine. Deal available here:

Exquisite views and so quintessentially British

The meal:

Aqua Shard (6 of 41)
Warm bread to start off the afternoon
Aqua Shard (7 of 41)
Virgin Cocktail – Strawberry Mocktail, a refreshing drink for the summer £8.00
Aqua Shard (12 of 41)
Cured Rose Bay Shrimps

Cured Rose Bay Shrimps for Daisy’s starter consisted of champagne emulsion, tobiko, and redcurrant and ginger salad. The shrimps were delicately presented in a neat circular palette. It didn’t have a lasting impression but the level of standard was moderate. Deciding to be a bit healthier, I had the Seasonal Vegetable Salad which consisted of celeriac cream, purple carrots, parsnips glazed with honey and spiced pear balsamic vinaigrette. This took me by surprise and I loved the honey addition to the parsnips. Celeriac cream complemented well with the vegetables.

Aqua Shard (14 of 41)
Seasonal Vegetable Salad
Aqua Shard (20 of 41)
Confit Tidenham Duck Leg
Aqua Shard (25 of 41)
Roasted Loch Duart Salmon
Aqua Shard (29 of 41)
Fine crockery with true dainty plating

Our mains were the Roasted Loch Duart Salmon with tangerine gel, caramelised salsify and sea purslane. Salmon can easily be overcooked but the chefs took care in ensuring this didn’t happen, the added condiments and dainty additions gave this main good visual presentation. I had the Confit Tidenham Duck Leg with red cabbage marmalade, parsnip cream and spiced duck jus. The duck leg was slightly overcooked and the skin could have been crispier, but despite this – the spiced duck jus gave it its flavour and the portion was a susceptible size, leaving me pretty full by the end of it!

Aqua Shard (33 of 41)
Wild Basil Custard
Aqua Shard (37 of 41)
Maple Cream Cheese

To finish off the main we chose the Wild Basil Custard with Sweet & Sour wild gariguette strawberries and clotted cream. Having just come off Wimbledon tennis season, I had my fair share of strawberries and cream (single)… but I admit that I wasn’t fed up of strawberries yet! Clotted cream was a different experience for me and I quite liked it too! The basil custard is unique and I’m not sure I can say that I’ve had this before.

Lastly, we had the Maple cream cheese with oatmeal crumb, roasted carrot purée, iced lemon thyme. I was full by this point but I loved the oatmeal crumb topping and the purée was surprisingly lighter than I expected!

Aqua Shard (40 of 41)
Daisy makes another appearance!

Service: 12.5% service charge but you can’t fault the service, they know what they’re doing. Friendly but not intrusive. Particular waiters for wine, ordering food and serving good.

Bits and bobs:

  • Bookatable deal is only available for lunch
  • Window seats are 2 person seats
  • They have an extensive drinks list, and a bar area
  • Security screening before you enter the Shard

Price: ££

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Square Meal