Supernatural Juice Bar

Supernatural Juice Bar (13 of 27)
Euston Station and UCL University of London right at your door step
Supernatural Juice Bar (20 of 27)
A cute pop up situated just inside Great Portland Street.

A bit about Supernatural Juice Bars:

Drinks courtesy of Supernatural Juice Bars. Supernatural Juice Bars were first introduced through the Canary Wharf branch, their flagship store in 2012. 3 years on and a few pop-ups later we see the scale and potential Supernatural Juice Bars can bring to the organic drinks market. Hand crafted and locally sourced, the juices are made and delivered fresh.

One cup or bottle of juice contains 4 of your 5-a-day

Supernatural Juice Bar provides a wide variety of organic and healthy drinks such as

  1. Superfood Smoothies
  2. Nut Milks
  3. Herbal Tonics & Ellxlrs
  4. Healing Waters
Supernatural Juice Bar (12 of 27)
Drinks come in 3 sizes at 3 different prices

Things are kept simple at Supernatural Juice Bars, with 3 different sizes and no hidden costs. There are seating areas at the Great Portland branch where you can people-watch and stare out into the bustling streets of W1.

The drinks:

Supernatural Juice Bar (8 of 27)
100% organic and natural
Supernatural Juice Bar (5 of 27)
No frozen fruits!
Supernatural Juice Bar (15 of 27)
Strawberry Zing

Strawberry Zing comes under ‘Juice’ drinks and consists of strawberry, ginger, lemon, apple & honey. I loved this one as I was feeling something refreshing and fruity. Strawberry Zing matches just that. I was google-eyed at the ombre mixture of condiments, something pleasing to the eye.

Supernatural Juice Bar (1 of 7)

Under ‘smoothies’ we have the Bananaberry, which consists of banana, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry & almond milk. This was a much thicker texture, and you can visibly see bits in the smoothie to verify how organic and freshly made these drinks are. Perfect as a substitute to a meal, or a snack if you’re feeling hungry but don’t necessarily want to eat.

Supernatural Juice Bar (2 of 7)
Thick and filling, with an added extra mint leaf to give presentation

Service: A very friendly supervisor there who knows all about his drinks! (@ the Great Portland Street pop-up)

Bits and bobs:

  • They’re within the station so WIFI available

Price: £

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