Hakkasan Hanway Place

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A well known establishment in London, in the hidden backstreets of Fitzrovia.

Background and history:

Meal courtesy of Hakkasan Hanway Place.

One Michelin Star

Dim lit room, black square tables and wall panels highlighted with intricate swirls, and complimenting funky music is now the signature look of Hakkasan restaurants worldwide.

We all know my love for the restaurants within Hakkasan Group, notably HKK which is now headed by Chef Tong Chee Hwee, who brings his expertise over from Hakkasan. An instrumental figure throughout his time at Hakkasan, and with that, carries great expectation.

The forefront of Chinese cuisine and quite rightly so holding its first Michelin star in 2003.  Their dim-sum is world class, with a “lunch event ‘dim sum Sunday’ which is staged every Sunday from 12-5″

The meal: Dim Sum Sundays (12-6.45pm) £58

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Kowloon Cooler, Coco Passion

We started with mock-tails the Kowloon Cooler and Coco passion, which refreshed our tastebuds while we started with crispy duck salad.

Crispy and sweet with the meat tender, and complemented well with a light salad. Dim sum platters were next on the list, with chinese chive dumpling with prawn and crabmeat, har gau, scallop shiu mai, duck and yam bean dumpling.

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Crispy Duck Salad
Hakkasam (13 of 32)
Dim Sum platter

As fore-mentioned the dim sum platter was served soon after the crispy duck salad. The scallop shumai I’ve had many a time here and never fails to please, the scallop so delicately placed above the shu mai itself and enveloped with thin lye water dough. Even though I was born and raised in London, with ethnic Chinese roots, you can say that it would be natural to have a higher standard of expectation. The har gau was another pleasing affair, with shrimps soft plump with the outer layer steamed crystal skin wrapper.

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Fried Dim Sum platter
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Royal King Crab and Truffle Roll

Dim sum double! The fried dim sum platter consisted of Royal king crab and truffle roll, Baked venison puff, Smoked duck and pumpkin puff and Golden radish crab meat pastry. I don’t even think I can even start to explain how good the truffle roll was. Crispy with a crunch with the truffle aroma defusing through the outlayer…

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The insides of the smoked duck and pumpkin puff
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The Mains
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XO seafood and water chestnut lettuce wrap

The mains consisted of XO seafood and water chestnut lettuce wrap, Stir-fry black pepper rib eye beef with merlot (we had the jasmine chicken with satay due to dietary reasons), Chopped asparagus, Ginger and spring onion fried rice.

Unfortunately the ginger and spring onion was lacking in taste, which although looked pleasing, tasted just like boiled rice but with a bit of salt. The other mains made of for it though with a fancy looking water chestnut lettuce wrap that complemented very well with the rice – and chicken.

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Jasmine tea smoked chicken in Satay Sauce
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Jivara bomb

I don’t tend to use slang in my posts… but Jivara bomb was certainly ‘da bomb‘! Popping rice crackers fired away within your mouth with an extra bit of sweetness to it, led from hazelnuts and crushed raspberries. Inside this little orb, was hazulnut icecream topped with melting milk chocolate running down the side.

Hakkasam (32 of 32)
Apple tatin

Apple tartin wasn’t as glamorous as the ‘Jivara Bomb’ but nonetheless a desert well enjoyed.

Service: Service is impeccable as always, with 12.5% service charge. There is even a DJ every week!

The price: £££

Hakkasan Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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