Mondsey Supper Club

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Malaysian lobster night, it’s a Malaysian Supper Club!

History and Background:

Meal courtesy of Tabl. and Mondsey’s.

Pop-ups, street food and supper clubs are becoming the latest hype in the restaurant and food industry and it’s not slowing down any time soon. The recent string of websites such as Grub Club and more recently the guys from who have recently made their mark in London, help promote these innovative dining experiences.

Karen and JP showcase their take on Malaysian cuisine through Mondsey’s Supper Club. Malaysian cuisine tend to be varied and culturally diverse due to the multi-ethnic makeup of its population. The country’s culinary history is shared with Singapore, Indonesia and India, and Mondsey’s supper club focuses on the multi-cultural aspect of this.


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This fabric divider caught my eye! Reminiscent of the Japanese – ‘Noren’ 暖簾

The meal: (4 courses for £ 33.00, any profits go to Alzheimer’s Research Society)

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Monk’s Ice Tea

Mondsey Supper Club first started hosting in 2014 and are looking to make these events more frequent for 2016. Upon entry to their lovely home I was met with a welcome cocktail, their signature, Monk’s Ice Tea. With rum and long an, the drink was a refreshing start albeit it on the sweet side. After a round of introductions with 7 other guests, we were invited to sit at their well furnished table elegantly laid out for 8.

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A clean and crisp arrangement of the table. Spacious too.

We hadn’t even started and I was already excited. Friendly guests, friendly hosts and a very warm, homely environment resembled a sophisticated dinner party, my first to date.

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Rojak (Fruit and Vegetable Salad dressed in a Tamarind Sauce)

Our first impression of this dish was a sharing plate but it turns out it was one each! Rojak is a popular Malaysian salad dish ( 水果囉喏), Karen and JP did their take on this with tamarind sauce with prawn paste sprinkled with toasted ground peanuts. I could make out that apple, cucumber, mango and pomelo were present, with the addition of soft shell crab to give it an interesting twist.

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Karen’s expertise in pastry as a Le Cordon Bleu graduate allowed her to make her own style kaffir like and seaweed brioche
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Otak-Otak (Spiced Fish Mousse)
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Otak-otak exposed

Another traditional Malaysian dish, otak-otak is a dish involving fish pieces wrapped in banana leaves. Aromatic herbs are mixed alongside fish pieces and is slightly spicy to give it that extra kick. To be exact, the otak otak consisted of kaffir lime leaf, lemongrass, galangal, chilli, coconut milk, turmeric and shrimp paste (belacan). The brioche was soft and sweet, and at times, delicate crumbles would escape your mouth as you attempt to devour it all…

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The one photo we’ve all been waiting for…!
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A meaty affair. The Penang Har Mee (Penang Prawn Noodles – but with lobsters)

I was met with surprise at how elegantly plated Karen and JP’s courses were and the flavours that arose from the Penang Har Mee. I was gushed into shock and amazement that led to a two minute dribble over this bowl while Karen was explaining the dish. The taste is distinctive and the soup is more clear than other Malaysian noodle dishes I’ve tried. The Penang Har Mee with all the trimmings which include Morning Glory vegetables, shrimps, half a runny egg, a pork slice and other garnishes. The soup base is lobster and shrimp to allow us to get the full seafood experience alongside a mixture of egg and rice noodles.

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The main that leaves you wanting to come back for more
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Teh Tarik (pulled tea)
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The side view is just as eye pleasing. Pulled tea.

As Karen explains, the literal meaning of Teh Tarik is ‘Pulled Tea’. A popular road side ‘drink’ adapted by the Mondsey couple will have you yearning for more. Their adaption to this leads you to Ceylon tea panna cotta with ginger milk foam, Horlicks crunch and mango. Tea is sweetened using condensed milk and the hot tea is poured repeatedly to create a thick froth visible at the top. The ingredients ginger milk and Horlicks crunch did it for me. This dessert needs mass production, immediately. Aromatic and not too sweet, the mangoes make a light touch and the texture of the panna cotta was light and silky.

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Not done just yet – the petite fours

Formerly a Le Cordon Bleu student, Karen ended her Malaysian masterclass with petite fours. I have no words.

Mondsey Supper Club (44 of 45)
Served hot, I had seconds…

Service: Very welcoming hosts and a lovely home. The hospitality is top notch, creating an enriching dining experience.

Bits and bobs:

  • It will be at Karen and JP’s home.
  • BYOB

Price: ££


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