Roberson Wines

History and Background:

Wine tasted courtesy of Roberson Wine.

Labeling themselves as UK’s finest wine merchant and quite rightly so. Established in 1991, Roberson Wines first entered the wine industry rooted on solid grounds with a store situated Kensington, London. In line with technological advances Roberson Wines transitioned its online platform providing a vast range of fine wines.

From everyday bottles to the highest quality and rarest wines, Roberson Wine’s expertise in this industry excels to no other. It’s customer base revolves around individuals, restaurants and businesses with a consumer retail team catering to your every need.

The wine:

The wine tasted in question:

Roberson Wine (5 of 8)
Souvignon Blanc
Roberson Wine (6 of 8)
A suitable pairing

Wine tasting is not my forte but provided an interesting challenge and certainly out of my comfort zone – of course I had some from friends and a certified sommelier!

The wine in question is a sauvignon blanc. One of the most distinctive wines in the world and recently conned UK’s favourite type of wine, with best samples exported out of France, New Zealand and South Africa. A rather novel variety of grape, where certain regions only grow this. A waft of my first glass was reminiscent of gooseberry fruits, a smell often associated with sauvignon. A sharp and distinct smell.

My first sip of this was crisp and dry. Probably most suited to pair it with greens. The Sauvignon Blanc is made to be drank as soon as possible, to taste it when its at its prime would most probably be after a year or so. Ours was from 2014 and tasted aromatic and aromatic. Subtly sweet!

As mentioned, Sauvignon Blanc does not benefit from aging, with aging grassy aromas can develop and become noticeably sour and acidic. With smells ranging from peas to asparagus from over-ripeness.

The bottle of Sauvignon Blanc was very quickly consumed alongside our dinner at the Breakfast Club, a notable BYOB restaurant in London.

Roberson Wine (2 of 8)
Souvignon Blanc





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