The Lexington

History and Background:

Meal courtesy of The Lexington

Home to a variety of gigs and a foundation for all things social, The Lexington pub is popular favourite situated on 96 Pentonville Road. The lounge bar/ main bar is open to the public and is free entry, the gigs and events are usually held in the club room.

Upon our arrival, a relaxing atmosphere but also a light buzz can be felt around the room, seemingly filled with visitors waiting for the gig of the night to start. Not to mention, we spotted Peter Crouch in the room enjoying his pint of beer on a Friday evening.

Nathan Perrin leads the kitchen which has led to the creation of a pie section on The Lexington Menu. The pies here are award winning, having recently received an accolade for the Beef Bourguignon pie.

The meal:

I don’t often eat pies but to have a review specifically focused on pies it’s a great opportunity trying it in a pub renowned for it. The Lexington is very quintessentially British and pies are as British as it can be. Gravy, meat, burger, pies and a good ol’ pint.

The Lexington (16 of 18)
Beef Bourguignon pie with carrot and swede mash £10.50

I chose their signature, the Beef Bourguignon pie. Buttery and thick pastry with steaming beef filling doused in savoury carrot and swede. Heavenly. The pastry itself could have been hotter but the filling itself and the mash was served at the right temperature. I like my food served steaming hot so it gives me that leeway of 30 seconds for photos!

The jerk chicken Deji tried was just as tasty, the jerk chicken tender and complemented well with the sweet potato. Not too heavy as we ordered sides such as greens to go alongside the pies. Gravy was thick but also liquid enough to act as dipping sauce to the pastry. All in all, a very good meal and a very satisfied stomach. Thanks Nathan!

The Lexington (15 of 18)
Jerk Chicken with Sweet potato £10.50

Service:  Casual dining but when you need help they’re very welcoming.

Bits and bobs:

  • They have events at The Lexington and there is space available for hire.

Price: £

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