Riverside Walk Restaurants

Bloggers event courtesy of Riverside Walk Restaurant.

Attended and written by Goldie A, edited by Steph

The event:

Invited to sample the food and drink at the recently redeveloped Kingston Riverside Walk.

First stop was Cau, Brazilian cuisine. Sadly we missed the earlier samples of chicken, lamb and beef, but we did try the delicious Patagonian Mule cocktail, packing a punch with a ginger kick – worthy of a London cocktail bar! Next we tried a sampling of their desserts; brownies topped with melted marshmallows and churros with dipping sauce. The brownies were moist and delicious, albeit a bit sickly sweet with the marshmallow topping. The churros were fresh, crunchy and went perfectly with the delicious sauce.

Next we went to Comptoir, a Lebanese and Middle Eastern restaurant. The restaurant itself was charmingly decorated, with cafe-like seats, handmade bags displayed everywhere for sale and various cooking utensils and ingredients for sale as well. The middle eastern music added a nice touch, although the decor made it look slightly more like a cafe – not somewhere I would go for an evening meal.

As we were told at the start, “the main concept of lebanese food is to share!” Here we sampled small plates of middle eastern classics alongside baskets of fresh pitta bread; humous, falafel, lamb kofta, spiced potato cubes, green salad with pomegranate seeds, chicken breast marinated in harissa sauce and cinnamon spiced chicken wings. The falafel and humous were very average but the highlight for me was definitely the flavourful baba ghanoush and the succulent chicken wings, I went back for seconds!

We were also served 3 different types of lemonade, all available on the menu and definitely a  reason for me to revisit Comptoir. The pomegranate and orange blossom was by far the most exotic and delicious. A quick side-note here, you absolutely have to visit the bathroom here, gorgeous wallpaper using old movie posters from Lebanon.

Finally we moved Côte for dessert and wine. The charming waiters and waitresses served us dessert wine first after explaining all the subtleties  that go straight over our heads with wine tasting. It was intensely sweet, almost too much despite my sweet tooth, but it went absolutely perfectly with the first dessert we were served, their signature Creme Caramel.

As we were proudly told, it is made fresh every day by their chefs on site using fresh cream. Alongside this we were served chocolate mousse dusted with cocoa power. Whilst it was creamy and light, the mousse was distinctly average. However the Creme Caramel was amazing. I have never liked Creme Caramel and not once have I ordered it off a menu; I would come back to Cote just to have it again. Deliciously creamy yet very light, the texture was unlike the usually jelly-like creme caramels you may get elsewhere.

Overall it was a fun evening, and it certainly promoted Kingston Riverside well. Situated right next to the Thames and fronted by trees full of fairy-lights and a lit up bridge, the row of restaurants promises something different for everyone, catering to all tastes and occasions.




Simply Indian

Social Indian (11 of 31)
A small local with a big menu – Simply Indian

History and Background:

Meal courtesy of Simply Indian

A small and cosy Indian restaurant located just across the Borough station. A simplistic and somewhat plain exterior hides the bustling and energetic atmosphere within. You’re dining with a buzz at Simply Indian and with BYOB allows you juggling pints from the neighbourhood pubs.

14 years it’s been with Simply Indian, embracing both North and South Indian cuisine styles, showcasing exotic regional dishes using the most authentic ingredients.

Only covers 28 but the restaurant plans to expand with refurbishment plans later this year.

The poultry is Halal certified, seafood directly brought from Billingsgate market, with vegetables from smithfields market. 

The meal:

We started off with crisp poppadoms and aromatic, traditional dips, the tamarind and date chutney, and mint sauce. Tried to stop myself eating too many  of these, easy to get full before it all starts…

Starters included fresh, fried whitebait. Tiny white fish coated in masala batter with chillies, caraway seeds, gram flour and coriander. A sprinkle of chat masala gave it extra flavour, complementing the crunchy outer layer and the soft insides.

Calamari was served, not as you know it battered and fried, but fresh cur squid stir-fried with onion, capsicum and curry leaves giving the dish a bit of a kick.

My favourite small dish of the night was the pineapple and coconut rice, a very fragrant dish, sweet and had the taste of freshness to it. A definite chooser for the menu!

Peshwari naan is something I usually go for, a very nutty version at Simply Indian however it was slightly dry as was the same for the Chilli cheese naan. Agreed with the restaurant that they had prepared this before the curries and hence dried off a little before serving. Promising for next time!

The saag aloo consists of spinach and potatos, this was decent. Satisfying and did not hold too much oil. Not a fan of okra in general but it was seasoned well.

The mains!

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Duck Xacutti £7.95

The most complex of curries” The Duck Xacutty consists over over 20 different ingredients, roasted prior to being ground and then topped with spring onions and coconuts. The curry was really well made and a lot better than a lot of the indian meals I’ve had. Unfortunately the duck was a bit chewy for me and could have been made a bit more tender. The seasoning however, was on point. Absolutely mouthwatering! (If you can take your spices that is.)

The mixed grill consists of chicken tikka, lamb chop, sheek kebab and kalami tandoori chicken. Definitely more than your normal portion of a typical mixed grill and only for £9.95. The lamb cut and chicken tikka was tender and the dish overall, was prepared well but the tandoori chicken was too dry.

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The grand thali! 

We were stuffed by this point and it was unfortunate to not have tasted this properly, but the thali is definitely enough for one as a main. The idea behind a Thali is to offer all different flavours of sweet, salt, bitter, sour and spice all on one plate. Filled with potato and vegetables, the small bowls of curry make great seasoning for these and is ideal for getting a taste of what Simply Indian has to offer.

Indian desserts are known to carry spice as well as sweetness. The greedy eyes of mine spotted 3 desserts which I was dying to try out. The Gajjar Ka Halwa, which is essentially grated carrot fudge. Abu the head chef explains its length process with milk, sugar, cardamom powder and toasted melon seeds, which are reduced to almost solids. This was served warm and exactly what I expected.

Mini rasamalai is a classic Indian dessert made of curd milk, pistachio and corn flour in sweetened milk.

Service: Waiters are welcoming, casual dining with booze. They have agreements with local pubs to bring drinks over to the restaurant!

Price: £

Square Meal

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Chinese Cricket Club – Chelsea Flower Show Menu

History and Background:

Meal courtesy of Chinese Cricket Club

As part of the Crowne Plaza City Dining complex, Chinese Cricket Club established in 2009, has been home to a variety of clientele mainly business men and a thrive of City workers. Situated right opposite Blackfriars tube station and just off the bustling streets of Fleet Street, you’ll find a mix of modern and traditional Sichuan specialties under the Exec Chef Ken Wang. Sichuan is known for its strong flavours most notable spicy peppers, sesame and chilli.

Awarded an AA Rosette, Chinese Cricket Club (named after Chinese National Cricket team) is most known for their express set lunch menu for people working in The City.

The Chelsea Flower Show Menu showcases classic Chinese dishes influenced by edible flowers in light of the annual event and is available this week between 24 – 27 May only.

The meal: (Chelsea Flower Show Menu)

Chinese Cricket Club (4 of 23)
Prawn Dumpling £5.80
Chinese Cricket Club (6 of 23)
Chicken Dumpling £5.80

Starters consisted of classic chinese dimsum, with these carefully folded dumplings. Delicate and exquisitely presented, these pocket full of goodness were consumed very quickly indeed…

Chinese Cricket Club (11 of 23)
Scallop on shell with homemade chilli sauce £6.80

Testing your chilli factor here with their homemade sauce – the spicy element is a dominant theme in Sichuan dishes. We even used this sauce for the soft shell crab! The scallop itself was steamed or grilled simple. Soft.

Chinese Cricket Club (12 of 23)
Soft shell crab with almond butter sauce £12.80

A generous amount of soft shell crab serving, a dish prominent in Japanese restaurants but served Chinese style here. Almonds provide a nutty flavour, adding to the crunchy nature of the crab. Pomegranates added sweetness to the dish.

Chinese Cricket Club (16 of 23)
Flower Sea Bass in Sweet and Sour sauce £20.00

A variety of colours in the flower sea bass and is served in style. Sweet and Sour Chinese dishes tend to be more catered to the western audience and I’m always a bit hesitant in choosing these dishes from the menu. Nevertheless the dish was delectable, with plenty of sea bass within, covered by a thin layer of crispy batter. Not sure if pomegranate was needed at all here. The sweet and sour sauce itself overshadows the taste of any sort of pomegranate but I guess its great for the visuals!

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Stir fried lobster with ginger and spring onion served on a bed of noodles £35.00

Lobster noodles are one of my favourite chinese dishes and something that can be hard to perfect.  Ginger and spring onion are classic additions bringing out the full and natural flavour of the lobster. Coriander leaves give further fragrance to an otherwise aromatic and meaty dish.

Enjoy your dinner with a refreshing cocktail and that’s your dinner well spent  at Chinese Cricket Club!

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Some noodle action by Luxmmi

Service: 12.5% service charge

Price: ££


Square Meal

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