Diciannove in The City

History and Background:

Meal courtesy of Diciannove

Located within The City, Diciannove Italian Restaurant is nestled within corporate surroundings, making it easily accessible for its main consumers, business men. I came on a bank holiday which meant the restaurant was noticeablely quiet even though the restaurant was situated in one of the best transportation hubs in London. (Blackfriars intersection.)

Head Chef Alessandro Bay leads the kitchen focusing on traditional and regional Italian food. The menu changes to adapt for seasonal produce, which most recently was invited for the Black Summer Truffle menu (available until 11 June).

Diciannove is most suited to corporate diners, locals or its hotel visitors as Blackfriars itself, unfortunately, is no attraction site.

The meal:

Black Summer Truffle Menu showcasing Diciannove’s use of truffle on its seasonal menu until 11 June 2016.

Diciannove (10 of 21)
Sliced bread with pan fried egg and black summer truffle £9.50

Delicate summer theme with the addition of edible flowers and loose leaf salad. The black summer truffle sprinkled on top was very aromatic and strong. If you love your truffle, you’ll love smelling this dish through and through. Plated at £9.50 seems a bit steep for sliced bread but you’re paying for the addition of good truffle too.

Diciannove (13 of 21)
Risotto with fresh peas, peas shoot and black summer truffles £11.50

This was my favourite of the evening, the antipasti course with sprinkled truffle over risotto. Slightly more salty than expected but there was pancetta hidden in and around the plate to add to the seasoning. What I liked about this course was that the risotto was well cooked, I find great variance in the way risotto is cooked at restaurants, sometimes too hard, too soft, or not cooked at all…but Diciannove knows what they’re doing.

Diciannove (19 of 21)
Roasted lemon sole with artichokes, new potatoes and lemon sauce £22.50

Daisy is a pescatarian and we did not know the main for the #BlackSummerTruffleMenu consisted of only steak, the waiter kindly offered more fish options and the lemon sole was chosen. It was slightly overcooked but the artichokes were very well cooked, the potatos and lemon sauce complemented the fish option to balance the dish out.

Diciannove (21 of 21)
Sirloin Steak, rocket salad and black summer truffle £26.50

I was pretty full at this stage but with the main, in typical Italian fashion, meat. Sirloin steak cooked very well medium rare and was a pretty large portion at that too. Unfortunately didn’t see the point in the summer truffle here as the sauce overpowered the truffle aroma but was a great dish overall. Would have preferred a bigger portion of the rocket salad to balance out the heaviness of the dish, otherwise great.

Price: ££
Square Meal


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