40 Dean Street

History and background:

Courtesy of 40 Dean Street

Forty Dean Street is the pinnacle of affordable Italian cuisine in busy Soho.
Thursdays are like Fridays here. Eccentric, lively and its all about the hustle and bustle between dancing waiters and singing customers. If you want a fun, lively date night its here. Local and offering traditional Mediterranean food, 40 Dean Street is tucked away in Soho among the many restaurants in the area but one of Italian’s finest.
Offering set menus for 2 courses and also 3, affordable and portion of dishes are also quite generous too.
A great place for drinks with an extensive menu from wine to cocktails at your service.

The meal:

40 dean street (4 of 22)
Antipasto with Italian Cured Meats, Pickles, Buffalo Mozzarella & Chargrilled Artichokes £15.50

I think we all gawped once this was served out. I saw the parma ham and the salami and before I could take a snap, people had their fingers to it! A great selection of Italian cured meats which make a good sharing plate and at an incredible price too.

40 dean street (15 of 22)
Homemade Ravioli Filled with Fresh Lobster Meat in Bisque Sauce 14.90

This was one of the main attractions of the night, a generous filling with whole lobster bits mixed in with the ravioli too. We found a whole claw by the side. Lobster bisque wasn’t too strong and complimented the dish well. Maybe could have had more greens to it but overall a satisfying dish.

40 dean street (11 of 22)

Linguine Pasta with Fresh Seafood, Cherry Tomatoes & Brandy Sauce
The seafood spaghetti was certainly a photographer’s delight, again generous with the amount of seafood present in the dish and made us considerately full by the real mains!
40 dean street (19 of 22)
Honey & Rosemary Roasted Lamb Chops with Mustard Crushed Potatoes 12.90

Now these lamb chobs were some of the finest I’ve had. Succulent and juicy and cooked very well. Had this not been shared between the table I would have happily eaten all of it.

We ended with the dessert platter but not totally a fan of these, the panacotta was the star of the course, a jiggling delight but nothing impressive. No worry there, Soho has dessert bars and ice-cream hubs creeping up every corner. Overall, the quality and the prices of 40 Dean Street is right up there as a definite recommendation. Explore your taste-buds further and opt for a la carte, then opt for a Shackfuyu matcha ice-cream around the corner!

40 dean street (21 of 22)
Dessert platter!

Service: Very friendly and very welcoming. The staff dances whilst serving you!

Price: ££

Square Meal


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