Dumpling Shack

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done a write up of my own free will and not a “review” that was formally requested. You can almost say I feel some sort of liberation writing this post, I would never call myself a food critic and I do cringe at the words food review but this blog has always been a platform in which I share my views and opinion on the topic of food. 

Dumpling Shack

Situated at Broadway Market’s Schoolyard and open from 10.30am until sell out time.
(Tip: Do come before 12.30pm otherwise you could end up waiting more than 20 minutes, usually all sold out by 2.30-3pm)

Dumpling Shack (9 of 36)

Most people would have seen these dumplings on Instagram, @DumplingShack has attained a mass of 13.3K followers at the time of writing, an impressive feat by no means, particularly for a food trader.

Though historically Dumpling Shack have sold a variety of different types such as Cornish crab and prawn, and lobster dumplings; some garnered more attention than others, most notably its ‘brunch’ dumplings. Certainly worthy of an Instagram picture, the brunch dumplings consists of pork, caramelised onions, smoked cheddar and a runny quails egg. Picture credit below to @bakeryee


For the past few months, Dumpling Shack has established itself as one of the leading street food traders around, with features in the Evening Standard and other reputed magazines.  This led to their first collaboration on solid ground with the restaurant Shotgun, a sell out event, where diners were able to experience Dumpling Shack #restaurantstyle.

Dumpling Shack (24 of 36)

The on trend dumplings of the year are the above Shen Jian Baos (pan fried pork soup dumplings), originated from Shanghai, it can be best described as the doughier version of the Shanghai soup dumplings, xiao long bao. Some describe it as Shen Jian Bao Zi, or Shen Jian Man Tou, as the outer skin is softer and more bread-like in nature. Pan fried and wrapped in dough, containing pork and gelatin fillings, Dumpling Shack is generous with their broth, in which the gelatin melts into soup once fried, giving these dumplings their unique flavour.

These Sheng Jian Baos, the Dumpling Shack version consists of pork, prawn and leek, priced at £7.50 for 4. With the occasional lamb or gyoza option, you’ll need to request these specifically as stock is limited (mentioned on Instagram if these are available). Not to mention they now do some amazing homemade fresh soy milk £2. 

@mayluuluu @alishawong_tl and @annabutlerx are your main pleaters, dumplings are made to order and consumers are able to witness the pleating first hand.

Photo credit: @bakeryee

I am lucky enough to go behind the scenes every week, to experience life as a street food trader and to catch a small glimpse of the growth of John’s business. That’s just a part of it too, most of the work is done the night before, with the dough and the mixture all prepared by John himself,  as well as a horrendous 5am wake up call to start Saturday trading.

Keep your eyes glued for Dumpling Shack‘s future events, since, the most recent @_atthetabl_ workshop was a sell out within 30 minutes.





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