Jun Ming Xuan

Meal courtesy of Jun Ming Xuan

Attended by me!

History and Background:

Nestled within several residential flats and a couple of minutes away from Colingdale station, Jun Ming Xuan isn’t your local Chinatown stop off for some earthly dim sum, but yet it certainly draws in the crowd on a typical sunday for families and locals alike.

Service was top notch, all waiters welcoming, with food served at the speed of light. Lucky enough to meet the owner of the restaurant whose young looks may I say, deceive you. Enough passion and flair can be felt from this restaurant, don’t overlook this as a place for your fun day Sunday dim-sum as Giles Coren once correctly noted ‘it’s one of the best dim sum restaurants in London’. It certainly was for me.

There is parking near the restaurant but scarce. Totally worth visiting.

The meal:

Jun Ming Xuan (13 of 50)
Seafood Katafi pastry with fresh mango sauce

May I say, this was one of the best complementing sauces I’ve had in dim sum to date. As you crunch your way through the crispy exterior you’re met with prawn filling on the inside supplemented by the fresh sweetness of the mango dipping sauce. We helped ourselves to a second serving of the dip!

Jun Ming Xuan (30 of 50)

We had an array of fine dishes, picking out the notably more famous, well known or peculiar dishes. A feast by no means – a great feast.

Jun Ming Xuan (6 of 50)
Honey Glazed BBQ Pork Puff

More doughier than I’ve had before but presented fresh from the kitchen piping hot a great classic dish for dim sum.

Jun Ming Xuan (12 of 50)
Paper wrapped prawn roll with sesame

A similar filling to its signature seafood katafi pastry, but with more nutty aroma topped with sesame seeds and wrapped with thin edible paper form for its skin. Crunchy. Oh we too had this with Jun Ming Xuan’s fresh mango sauce.

Jun Ming Xuan (15 of 50)
Cuttlefish cake and coriander

A great dish, and in fact my fathers favourite!

Jun Ming Xuan (25 of 50)
Cheung fun doused in light sweet soy

A second round of dim sum delicacies, we had both some fried, and some steamed. Prawn, chive and spinach juice dough came in unique green skin form, it was good but not impressive. The shanghai dumplings, the siu long bao was the worthy winner, the skin thin and taut with plenty of soup encased within. A suckling delight.

Jun Ming Xuan (31 of 50)
Shanghai dumpling
Jun Ming Xuan (37 of 50)
Baked Lotus Leaf and seafood fried rice

We were so full by this point and so my father ate most of this! Steaming hot once we unraveled it for its release, aromatic and fresh. A really big portion too with plenty of condiments within.

One can never forget the desserts! We knew the salty egg custard buns were next and boy did they taste good. The bun not as soft as my favourite ones in Hong Kong, but a very worthy comparison. Salty egg less sweet as I preferred. The surprise came with one of my favourite classic desserts,  Chilled mango pudding with plenty of bits! Very refreshing.

Overall, a highly recommended place to go to albeit a little far from Chinatown, it’s known far and wide already so do pay a visit. Also rather rare for me to say I love every dish from beginning to end!

Price: ££


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