Meal courtesy of Vicino

Attended and written by Ed @onehungryasian and published by me!

Vicino (3 of 11)

South West London already has a lot going for it. Ridiculous rent and property prices aside, you can’t deny that walking through the suburbs of Fulham and Parsons Green gives you some serious flat envy. And Vicino, a local Italian restaurant near Parsons Green, is one more you can add to the list of reasons to make a move to this area. It’s genuinely that good.

Favoured by celebrities including Hugh Grant and Sienna Miller, Vicino oozes Italian charm and atmosphere, helped in part by the friendly staff who have a tendency to hum and sing as they serve tables. A conservatory area at the front has windows that open up into the street, giving diners a chance to soak in the sun shine while they dine on great Italian fare.

The meal:

Vicino (4 of 11)Vicino (5 of 11)We joined them for a 10 course taster menu showcasing the variety of range of dishes they offer, and it tasted just as good as it sounded on reading the menu. Starters of char grilled vegetables and figs with goats cheese and parma ham were a simple way to whet the appetite, giving way to tuna tartare with avocado which was perfectly seasoned, with the avocado playing second fiddle to the fresh tuna and its fatty distinctive flavour.

We moved onto the pasta dishes which simply put, were some of the best pasta I’ve had in London. While I haven’t had the chance to go to some of the other well known pasta restaurants in London at the moment (Padella etc), the other diners at the table were fairly unanimous in their opinion that this definitely ranked up there with it.

Vicino (6 of 11)Vicino (1 of 11)Squid ink linguine with seafood was incredible, I couldn’t fault it at the time and I can’t now – and if you haven’t noticed, I can be bit of a critical guy. All the fish pieces were perfectly cooked, and the way the pasta intertwined with the lemon and chilli sauce? Wowza. Lobster with linguine and a white wine sauce was also a prime example of how Vicino treat their fish, with a generous sized lobster that we wolfed down between us.

Vicino (2 of 11)No end to the feast though, Vicino brought out a customer favourite of the truffle, mushroom and speck pasta dish, made with special thin egg pasta similar to almost noodles. I’m a big truffle lover, and I loved how Vicino had managed to balance the distinct flavour of the truffle with the mushroom and speck, while still keeping it light and moreish overall.

Vicino (9 of 11)Vicino (8 of 11)And finally, a char grilled sirloin steak, served up with marinated artichokes and parmesan shavings. Cooked medium rare just right, Vicino did a great job putting the flavour of the beef as the centre piece of the dish.

Vicino (11 of 11)

And for dessert, a trio of dishes with a classic tiramisu, chocolate profiteroles, and a white chocolate and passionfruit cheesecake. The tiramisu was probably the weaker of the 3 desserts,  with the fruity flavour of the passion fruit winning out overall. Chocolate lovers should go for the profiteroles though, as the dark chocolate sauce poured on top was decadent and deliciously indulgent.

Vicino (10 of 11)Service:

Hand on my heart I thought Vicino was genuinely fantastic. The other guests and I thought their dishes would be priced nearer to £15/18 for the quality of food we were getting, but in reality after checking their menu, many of the dishes we ate hover around the £11/£12 mark – incredible value for money given how much I loved the food! Throw in attentive and friendly service, a beautiful restaurant and setting, and you can’t go wrong.

Parsons Green watch out, because I’m coming to eat all your pasta!


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